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#4881: The good news!

Vox Day says it better than I could.
To be forgiven is not the same as being sinless. To be repentant is not the same as to be blameless. It is not necessary to put on sackcloth and with Augustine melodramatically label ourselves the worst of all sinners to recognize that we are no better, and in some cases are considerably worse, than the virtuous pagan.

For better or for worse, we are who we are. We have done what we have done and we can never change the past. But what we don't have to do is remain broken, frightened, sin-enslaved beings. That, through the grace of God, is the one thing we can change.
Look: I'm a sinner. I am a fallen human being, and I sin. I'm not unique; everybody sins, from the most wretched example of humanity all the way up to the Pope himself. Show me someone who claims to be without sin and I'll show you someone who is either a liar or delusional.

All I can do is pray for forgiveness and have faith that God loves me enough to forgive me. Fortunately, that is all that's required.

Grace means being forgiven despite the fact that you do not deserve to be.

* * *

"There will come a day when this is no longer funny," Vox Day says, "but today is not that day."

It's the old Downfall parody again. This time Hitler is objecting to the record number of "No Award" votes at the Hugos this past weekend.

The SJWs don't realize it yet, but it's a big win for Sad and Rabid Puppies. Basically the SJWs burned down the awards rather than let any Wrongfen or Badthink Authors win it...and in so doing proved exactly the point that Larry Correia and Vox Day et alii set out to prove: the Hugo awards are not given on merit but on political correctness.

* * *

No matter how fast your car may be, the street is no place to prove it. JayG went out for a ride on his bike, and missed getting creamed by two feet because a shithead in an Acura TSX thought he could take a 90-degree turn at over 60 MPH.

The car in question, instead of negotiating the turn, hit the curb and rolled twice:
He made a right turn from a travel lane, cutting someone off in the process (one of the other witnesses thinks he was racing the other car).
...going at least 15 MPH over the limit.

JayG didn't give any details about the driver--how old he was, etc--but I suppose it's irrelevant, anyway.

* * *

As for me, I really want to get the grass cut. I've been working on reading stuff and writing this post for about an hour, since getting home from work; and for a wonder I didn't have to drag myself all over the call center today, but actually woke up and functioned pretty normally.

This is encouraging, even if tomorrow I'm back where I was last week, because it's a sign of improvement.

* * *

Today's weather is like late-mid-September rather than August. I don't mind one bit.

The only thing I got done over the weekend (other than resting and relaxing) was to check the Jeep's front driver's side--pulled the hub out and removed the axle. Both hub and U-joint checked out fine; the hub felt about as good as the new one I put into the right side, and the U-joint moves freely in both axes. I lubed everything with anti-seize and put it all back together.

Og thinks it's ball joints, and he may be right; it's three or four cotter pins and about 90 minutes per side for me to check that. (Three if I can get the knuckle off without unscrewing the axle nut; otherwise, four.) Looks like has the best price on ball joints for the Jeep--all their Jeep front end parts are cheaper than the parts stores; even the long tie rod end that's about $100 from Advance/Autozone/O'really's is perhaps $20 from Rockauto. I can get Moog ball joints from Rockauto for about $25 each.

Even better, teh Jeep doesn't need to be aligned after the ball joints are replaced, so I can do one side one weekend and the other side another. I just need to have access to a ball joint press, is all. It's not happening this week, though. (Well, maybe the diagnostic part.)

Bah! Neither here nor there. I need to gat a-cuttin'!

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