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We're not allowed to have pen and paper (because customer data security) so I have taken to doing my inevitable doodling with Notepad. The title of this post is one of them.

* * *

NASA's Space Launch System is going to work about as well as the Space Shuttle did. NASA is working on using the Space Shuttle Main Engine (SSME) in their new launcher, the one that's going to replace the Shuttle.

Read Feynman's What Do You Care What Other People Think? for an excellent in-depth discussion of why the SSME is a crappy engine.

In the first place, each SSME has to be completely overhauled after every flight. That's after running for eight and a half minutes (510 seconds).

535 seconds is fifteen seconds longer than a shuttle flight. Am I supposed to be impressed?

More encouraging is the news that Buzz Aldrin is still raring to get people to Mars.

* * *

Related: Five Horrifying Facts You Didn't Know About The Space Shuttle except that I did know them:
1. The Shuttle killed more people than any other space vehicle in history.
2. It was extremely expensive
3. It never went very high.
4. It never worked according to [specification].
5. It’s going to be replaced by something much better.
Read the explanations at the link, if you care to. I changed #4 a bit because the writer used the wrong term; and the specifications presented by NASA were for a completely different launch system that was almost totally unlike the Space Shuttle.

I have been anti-shuttle since 1991, when I wrote a research paper on NASA's National AeroSpace Plane (NASP), and discovered just how much of a rickety crate the shuttle was. Holy crap.

* * *

Trump gets it right on guns.

* * *

Charlie Daniels is still awesome.

* * *

NASA says three feet of sea level rise is inevitable but they're a little confused about the time frame; they're not really sure if it's going to take ten years or a hundred, but they are sure it's gonna happen, because The Science Is Settled!!

...if your model cannot pin down a time frame without the error bars encompassing an entire order of magnitude your model is not any damned good.

* * *

ObamaCare is making insurance incredibly expensive which is exactly the opposite of what we were told it was for. Of course it is working this way by design, because the next step is for government to step in and say, "Well, obviously this isn't working, so we're going to have to just socialize medicine entirely...."

Thanks, Obama! Thanks, Democrats!

* * *

Week 2 at the new job is done! I'm going to take a nap.

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