atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4888: Fatigue fatigue

I'm really tired of being tired, let me tell you that.

I'm tired when I get up, I'm tired when I get to work, I'm tired all day there, I'm tired when I get home--the only time I'm not tired is, ironically, about the time I have to go to bed in order to do it all again.

Two weeks into a nine-week training schedule, and I am already looking forward to being in the job so I can sleep until 11 AM instead of getting up seven hours earlier.

Tomorrow's going to be a busy day, because after work I have to run some errands. I ran out of time to do them on Saturday because--yeah--I was too tired to get moving before noon. *sigh*

Today I--as usual--got up with Mrs. Fungus, and stayed up, and actually went to church for a change.

This week money is excessively tight--I'm down to pocket change--and the Jeep needs its license plate renewed. I'm going to get a payday loan and pay it off when I get paid (which is Friday) but the interest rate is usurious--to borrow $100 for one week it's $150. (That's for six days, near enough; I haven't calculated it from Monday but it should be around $8 less, theoretically.) Mrs. Fungus gets paid on Wednesday.

...usurious or not, it will cost me less than it would to get tickted for expired plates.

But I have a game plan, and all I have to do is execute it. Plus it helps me build credit. Whee!

* * *

"Helps me build credit": the last time I applied for a credit card it was declined, and I figured it was because I have crappy credit; but I talked to a loan officer at the bank not too long ago and he ran my credit history, and told me that I have no credit history other than "student loans, paid off a long time ago."

2010 is apparently "a long time ago" in the credit world.

So I'm in the position of having to build my credit rating from scratch. I'm actually happy about that, because it means I'm not trying to dig myself out of a hole. But I do have some work to do.

First step will be--once I've got some maneuvering room--to establish a secured line of credit with my bank. You know, you put $100 into an account, they give you a credit card with a $100 limit. Use it, pay it off every month. Keep doing that. And so on.

Eventually everyone wants to lend you money! It's a party!


As much as I hate credit and loans, they're a necessity in this world. That's how it is.

* * *

Today is Sunday, and tomorrow is Monday, and we all know what that means. Whee!

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