atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4890: After the previous two weeks it feels like a SAUNA out there.

Pre-lunch break was about 8-ish this morning, and I went out to the truck to check my cell phone for messages. When I was walking back in I looked up at the sun, shining brassy in a clear sky, and knew, It's going to be fucking hot outside today.

I was right.

I needed to run the AC on the way home. I ran an errand in the Jeep, with the windows down, and when I got home from that, walking into the bunker (cooled to 76°) felt like walking into a meat locker.

After the previous couple of weeks, where we had September-like weather, it just feels stinkinous hot outside. It does not help that I predicted it long before the weather report did.


* * *

Illinois Lottery winner gets IOU from Illinois, because that's just how f-ing broke the state is.

* * *

So Walmart is cutting hours after they raised wages. Big surprise.

Look: labor is always the A-number-one cost center for any business. Nothing is more expensive than labor hours. If you make them more expensive, a given company in a given situation will be able to afford fewer of them. That's basic economics; money does not appear out of thin air, and even if you're a major corporation you must budget your expenditures.

If you make labor more expensive, the entities which buy it will buy less of it.

* * *

Although the story wasn't much to write home about, the second Kimagure Orange Road movie has a pretty decent soundtrack. I just found it in my "Audio Capture" folder, and am listening to the tracks I used to listen to about fifteen years ago, in a different state and a former life.

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