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#4891: I like free food!

I really do!

This week is "spirit week" at the office, and they're doing various corporate motivational thingies as corporations are wont to do. Every day is a theme day where employees are encouraged to dress up (yesterday was...I have already forgotten what yesterday was. Today was "Superhero" day--wear a superhero T-shirt for great justice--and tomorrow is "Dress up" day for which I may put on dress slacks and a tie...or may not, as suits my mood).

But today they also had a cookout. It was the standard hamburgers and hot dogs, cole slaw and potato salad thing...but it was free and whatever you want to eat, so I ended up having two hot dogs, two hamburgers, and a serving each of cole slaw and potato salad. Even better? Soda, so I was able to snag cans of diet Pepsi to drink instead of what I'd brought with me. Win!

As I was getting ready this morning I was pretty sure today was the day of the cookout, but I wasn't really sure, so I made one sandwich (rather than two) against the possibility that I had remembered wrong. But I hadn't.

So I stuffed myself, and for the first time since starting this job I got home from work (at 3, after having lunch around 10:30) without needing to eat anything. I played ping pong (badly) against one of my classmates, too.

Today was a pretty nice day at work, I do have to say. It was certainly nicer than any day I had at Best Buy.

* * *

It's possible that mohammed cribbed at least part of the koran from other places. Geez, a pedophile and a plagiarist prophet! Where can you go wrong?

* * *

This is only shocking if you haven't been paying attention. 59% of Americans support deporting illegal aliens immediately. No hearings, no amnesty, no anchor babies, nothing, just "oh, you're not in the country legally? Well, get on this bus, because we're sending you back."

* * *

Vox Day on George Martin wanting the "insults" to stop. Because of the way SJW are, what Martin actually means is that he wants our side to stop referring to them as SJWs and CHORFs, while they still get to call us
..."fascists", "Neo-Nazis", "thugs", "sociopaths", "sexist assbags", "gibbering follow monkeys", and "just straight-up assholes", among many other names.
And then Vox Day proceeds to give ninety examples of SJWs hurling insults.

Way down in the comments Kaijubushi says:
I found the first [Song of Ice and Fire] books to be good reads. But as I continued on it became apparent that he hates his audience. Nothing but oppressive gloom and rapey rape. If I want to feel shitty about existence I'll go hang out on K street in DC. Reading giant tomes that go nowhere isn't worth it.
That pretty well describes the way Wild Cards went.

* * *

I ended up going to bed at 6 PM last night; I woke up briefly around 11:20-ish but was back in bed by midnight and slept until 4 AM. Got up, got ready, went to work.

It makes me happy to be working full time.

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