atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4892: There isn't going to be much of a post today.

I'm tired and pissed off.

I managed to get the Jeep's plate renewed, but it took two hours of constant motion for me to accomplish it. I got home at three, hit the can, and got going, and it was literally about seven minutes to closing of the DMV when I walked out of there with my sticker.

But I got it.

Now I'm going to spend some time decompressing, de-stressing, and cooling off--it is fucking hot outside and I rode my bike to the bank and then TWICE to the f-ing DMV. It's literally ninety degrees out, for fuck's sake. Shit.

I had a deluxe double from Culver's for the first time in months.

20 of the worst PC setups is a regular feature, and it's funny.

My worst-ever setup was miles better than most of those. When they upgraded the furniture where she worked, Mom got an old printer stand for me, and it turned out to work beautifully as a computer desk. My desk chair had been salvaged from where Dad worked; I had to fold a bedsheet and put it on the seat because it had springs poking through, and if you moved the wrong way the back tensioner would fall out and you'd find yourself reclining precipitously the next time you leaned back.

The printer stand took up less room in my bedroom than the old desk Dad had gotten from somewhere (possibly also from his job, or his father's house; I'm not sure which). That had been the place for my C-64 for quite a while, and I'd even built a little cubby for the computer which I still have to this day.

I still have the printer stand, but it was replaced by the computer desk I bought new from Best Buy in 1999...I think? Or 1998? I don't really remember. One of those years, and I'm still using it.

* * *

And now, a little WoW...and then I'm going to bed.

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