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#4894: That's totally not what you said yesterday.

Yesterday the forecast said it would be COOLER today. Of course now it's saying "nmearly the same", which approximates FRIGGIN' VOLCANIC.

It's hot outside, so hot that when I took the trash out last night around 8 PM, it was still hot and sticky. Like July, not September.


Plus side, the hot weather has convinced the pepper plant to produce a couple of flowers. I may get a pepper or two yet from that thing.

* * *

Chicago is $500 million in the hole and the best thing they can think of to do is to raise the already-stratospheric property taxes. Yeah, Cook County has some of the highest property taxes in the nation, but raise 'em again, because otherwise how are we going to pay for fifty years' worth of Democrat Machine Excess??

We couldn't possibly cut spending, of course.

...actually, they can't, and everyone knows it, because if they did, there'd be riots all over the south side. The projects and the shitstained crapalleys would turn into flaming charnel houses faster than you can say "Tax cuts are raciss."

And so Chicago continues along a trajectory parallel to that of Detroit.

* * *

Hillary Clinton is incapable of handling the most pedestrian of tasks. Instead she tells her aides to do things for her. "Hey, that personal chef of mine? Do I pay him, or what?" (Paraphrased.) And "I'm apparently too fuckin' stupid to know how to work Google, so look up when these two shows are on for me. While you're at it, I need someone to stand beside the sofa and work the remote control for me."

...of course when I mention this the next time someone in WoW chat talks about how great Hillary is, the response will be, "She's important and doesn't have time for stuff like that."

"No," I will reply, "she's just too stupid to be President."

The article goes on to list all the ways in which Hillary is unqualified to be President. And let me tell you: if any of the things are true that Democrats have said, over the years, about reasons why Republicans were unqualified to be President, then they for damn sure ought to still be true with regards to Hillary Clinton.

* * *

There's no inflation! Government says so!

"[T]the US federal government has changed the way it calculates inflation at least twenty times since the mid 1980s."

...because if it hadn't, the inflation rate would reflect reality, it would be stratospheric, and a lot of government congresspigs would have had to work for a living.

* * *

Karl Denninger is right. A boy who has a mental illness and thinks he's a girl was offered a gender neutral bathroom, and he said "no", claiming, "I am a girl, I shouldn’t be pushed off to another bathroom."

Here's a news flash, kid: you are not a girl. You have a penis and testicles. You do not have a vagina, a uterus, or ovaries. You are a boy.

And if you're going to refuse a perfectly reasonable accommodation, then--as Dennginer concludes--you can take your crazy ass right back to the boys' locker room:
Mr. Perry is a boy. He was born with a penis and testicles, and does not have a vagina, uterus or ovaries. This is a biological fact and disagreeing with facts is the mark of someone who is delusional, psychotic or both.

Now if Mr. Perry doesn't disagree with being a boy but he prefers to dress in effeminate clothing and alter his appearance so as to look more like a girl than a boy that's his choice. But there is a difference -- a vast difference -- between altering one's appearance to suit your own personal desires and believing you are something that is factually false.

That Mr. Perry prefers an effeminate appearance has exactly nothing to do with which locker room or bathroom he uses.

He is male and thus uses the Men's bathroom and locker room -- period.

Cut the crap.
Emphasis removed, but even so--damn.

Sex is not a social construct. You are what you are, and if you think you are a woman trapped in a man's body you are delusional.

On the other hand, we can give the LGBTBBQWTF crowd what they want, but they won't like it, because we then start letting anyone use whatever bathroom they want to use. This will mean that some boys will decide they're girls on a particular day and go change in the girls' locker room, leaving the girls with no where to change unless they decide to go elsewhere; and we can make a huge fucking mess out of all this nonsense and should, with prejudice until people get so fucking sick and tired of giving the whining fucking maggots of the world special treatment that they put their feet down and say "No!"

And they will.

* * *

I need to know why this ex-cop isn't in jail. Here's what I think happened, without reading any of the linked stories: I think this cop screwed up and wrecked his car, and decided to cover it up by inventing a story about some guy shooting at him, which made him wreck his cruiser. To add versimilitude to his story--and apparently forgetting the entire concept of forensic ballistics--shoots his own gun at it.

There ends up being a manhunt for this nonexistent criminal, and the entire town is locked down while the cops go on a snipe hunt, in violation of a whole slew of civil rights.

Cop gets fired. His former boss is "upset". That's the word he used, "upset".

Okay, look: when you drop your drink and have to wipe up the mess, that's when you can say you're upset. If you burn the hot dogs? "Upset." If you stub your toe, or accidentally throw away a fork, or leave the ice cream out and it melts, if you discover your cell phone bill is extra-large this month--you're perfectly justified in saying that you're "upset".

But when you're a police chief and one of your officers wrecks his car and shoots at it with his own gun and fabricates a story that wastes a massive amount of money on a spurious manhunt?

Oh the plus side, charges appear to be in the cards for the idiot ex-cop who apparently doesn't even know as much about police work as a typical TV-watching 12-year old. I fuckin' hope so. Shit.

* * *

The law is an ass. A 17-year-old is being charged as an adult on child pornography charges...for having a naked picture of himself in his cell phone.

So the local law enforcement system where he lives is charging him as an adult for "sexually exploiting a minor", but one of the "minors" in question is himself.

This is idiotic and all charges should be dropped. But they won't because Child Pornography Is Serious Business You Guys.

What the fuck.

* * *

Future interview question and answer:

"So, Ed, tell me a little bit about what you did at Xerox."
"Well...I learned how to play ping pong."

Part of this week's festivities include the sudden arrival of a ping pong table right outside the training room I and my cohort use. During breaks I frequently find myself playing ping pong against other members of the class. It's fun.

I remembered, tardily, that I used to play ping pong in gym class in high school. When I was a senior, mostly. The most memorable moment was when I was playing against my friend M, who missed a ball and had to go retrieve it from the table behind him.

One of the players at that table--with whom M shared another class--yelled, "Get out of here, M!"

M pointed his paddle at the guy and shook it at him to emphasize what he was saying. I had to read his lips, but it wasn't hard because he was enunciating the words, "Fuck. You." And the other guy laughed his ass off.

I laughed too, because it was f-ing funny, and even thirty years later I remember it clearly.

Thirty years. Holy shit.

Anyway, ping pong: I find that I can still play the game with some iota of competence, and it actually helps me get a bit energized when I'm feeling sleepy and can't keep my eyes open.

I hope that table stays there, or at least doesn't go very far from its present position. It'd be nice to be able to play it once in a while.

Besides that, there's been (since before I started, even) a foosball table in the lunchroom. So that's pretty cool.

* * *

And there's nowhere I have to go for three whole days. Awesome.

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