atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4896: Gun-free zone!

Every day that I go to work, the door I walk through has a sticker on it which reads, "ABSOLUTELY NO GUNS PAST THIS POINT".

Yeah, that'll do it.

If someone comes to the call center intent on mayhem, that little adhesive piece of vinyl will stop him in his tracks. Seeing that sign, he will abandon all intention of murder. "What was I thinking? I'm not allowed to bring a gun in there!" After that, perhaps he'll end up joining a monastery and retiring to a life of religious service. Perhaps he will go directly to the nearest psychiatric hospital and commit himself. What is certain is that the sticker will prevent gun violence, at least there. Perhaps it has already saved uncounted lives.

Perhaps a winged monkey with next week's winning Powerball ticket will fly out of my ass, smelling like orange blossoms.

Meanwhile, back here in reality, we all know exactly what good that sticker will do against someone who actually intends to shoot and kill people in the call center: jack shit. It is, in fact, counterproductive to the prevention of violence, because the sticker might as well say, "Hey, Mr. Mass Killer, if you're looking for a soft target look no further! Management has decided that no one here will be allowed to defend themselves. Hell, all the security guard can do is call 911, and you know how long that takes! In fact, I bet you could shoot him dead before he got much more than '91' out!"

Like the "gun-free zone" stickers on the military recruiting center that that islamic shithead shot up. The stickers didn't keep bullets from passing through the glass, now did they? And in fact if you look at all the other places where killing sprees took place, a suspiciously high number of them were allegedly gun-free zones, weren't they?

I am confident that in the case of every last mass shooting ever there has been at least one victim who thought, "But they're not allowed to have guns here!"

I am also utterly flabbergasted by the fact that anti-gun nuts cannot seem to grasp the simple fact that if a person intends to kill, a mere law is not going to stop him. Much less a sign or sticker. Laws are speed bumps to criminals, not barriers. Stickers and signs aren't even that.

In fact, the people who are most likely to proclaim that "the death penalty is not a deterrent!" are the same people who are most likely to want stiffer penalties for gun crimes "as a deterrent". Well, shit, if you can't deter first degree murder with the death penalty, how's an extra five years in jail going to deter any lesser crime?

Simple fact is, the stickers don't stop anything. They won't, they can't. They only work on people who are already willing to follow the rules.

Yeah, I feel so much safer.

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