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#4897: It won't be long before we're charged by the gigabyte.

Karl Denninger talks about the inevitable result of Net Neutrality, and it's not good: bandwidth caps, data throttling, and the whole nine yards.

See, here's the thing: it costs a certain amount of money for an ISP to move a block of data from one place to another. It might be a penny or a nickel or a dollar (depending on how big the block is and what infrastructure they use to move it) but the cost is not zero.

When you want to watch Netflix, you pay Netflix something like $10 a month for unlimited streaming video. You also pay Comcast (say) some $50 or so per month for Internet service. And if you watch one HD movie per night, in a month's time you've streamed some 120 GB worth of data. On one device--while simultaneously Junior streams Pandora in his room while playing Call of Duty and Missy does Facetime with her boyfriend and so on.

It adds up, and it's not free.

Denninger explains it a lot better than I could, and I think his conclusion is sound.

* * *

It's going to be hot and humid again today. I stepped out on the patio to get a look at the pepper plant, and can already tell how it's going to be.

The pepper plant had five flowers on it yesterday, and today they are shiveled. The remains of the first flower is already starting to take shape as a pepper, though I have my doubts about how big it will eventually grow.

...unless I get some clear plastic and some wood and build a greenhouse over the thing. It's going to be twenty degrees cooler next week at this time, and that is the weather to expect for the remainder of late summer, of which only two weeks remain. Autumn is coming, and it's only going to get colder for the rest of the year.

So what have I learned from my first experiment with agriculture? Pepper plants want hot, humid weather, that's what, and they want it all the time, both day and night.

* * *

Last day of the grand 3-day weekend, and I didn't get anything done outside. In my defense it has just been stinking hot for the past week, and this weekend has been no exception whatsoever.

I'm going to try to get the grass cut today, but that doesn't take a huge amount of effort--mostly just driving the tractor around--and if I don't, the grass will still be there tomorrow, or the next day. It hasn't grown much (not enough rain, I guess) so it's mainly just getting shaggy rather than long.

Well, the nice part is, no one cares.

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