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#4898: It's accident avoidance!

Turns out that bicycle helmets prevent injuries by being too much of a pain in the ass to ride a bike. Kids don't want to wear them, which is not surprising considering how dorky and stupid they look. So they don't ride bicycles, and thus their heads don't get injured while riding bicycles!

...of course the reduction in biking head injuries has been offset by a concomitant increase in skateboarding and scooter injuries. Which isn't surprising when you go to YouTube and search on "fail" and watch countless millions of skateboarding, skiiing, snowboarding, unicycle, and scooter injuries.

So, yeah.

* * *

The Democrats know that blacks are a tame voting bloc, which is why they don't care about them. Regardless of what they do the race hucksters will always reliably deliver to them the black vote.

They are aided in this by the complete incuriosity of the press, which isn't about to go blabbing the big secret about illegal immigration and amnesty and the lot...because if the press actually paid attention to the fact that blacks are hardest hit by the consequences of illegal immigration, they might take their votes elsewhere.

But the press and the Democrats (but, of course, I repeat myself) have no interest in doing anything but keeping the blacks on the Democrat plantation in perpetuity.

* * *

Vox Day has a post up about the violence of "refugees" from "Syria", a plurality of whom are actually from eastern Europe--the Balkan islamic shithole--and they're mostly violent, angry young men.

A religion tailor-made by an angry, violent man results in acts of violence perpetrated by mobs of angry young men. Go figure.

* * *

One of the nice things about having a full-time job is that I was able to justify spending a few dollars on music. I bought the MP3 albums Treasure and Sleeping on the Edge of the World by David Helpling, from which I've been hearing songs on my Pandora "Bluetech" channel and liking every last one of them. I think the total outlay was about $18, all told--not much of a "first paycheck splurge", but considering what my bills still look like, I'll take it.

Heck, people in my cohort were talking about going out and getting new tattoos and God knows what else.

Anyway, it's the first money I've spent on anything non-essential since March, so WTH. And it's not like I broke the bank.

* * *

Tonight is chili night. There's a pot simmering on the stove, and it's just about ready.

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