atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4899: Stupid!

Apple joins the rest of us in 2015. The new "iPad Pro" will work with the "Apple Stylus" ($99) and have an optional keyboard case ($169) and has performance that "rivals desktop computers".

Oh, you mean, like the Microsoft Surface Pro? Which has all those features and came out years ago?

* * *

Puerto Rico wants to be part of Spain again. Spain, the country with the flagging economy that's somewhere in the same arc that Greece is.

As far as I'm concerned Spain can have Puerto Rico.

* * *

So I was watching this goofball's latest video:

The short form is, he put about 180 PSI into a tire that's meant for perhaps 40 at most, and it naturally underwent spontaneous rapid disassembly, rapid enough that there was significant recoil. Unfortunately his thumb was in the way, and it got broken. We here at the Fungus never wish injury or illness on anyone, and wish Mr. Chris "1puglife" Whitcroft a speedy recovery.

...but that was damned stupid.

* * *

As for me, I'm tired. I was tired last night--we went to bed at 8:40--and somehow managed to sleep with an eyelash stuck in my eye, so that when I got up this morning it was all irritated and red and painful, even after I got the eyelash out; and it did not improve as the day went on. It's a bit better now. Ought to be fine tomorrow, I hope.

Meanwhile, it's finally cooled off outside and it's no longer murderously hot like it was last week. It rained a lot yesterday, which pretty much did for the humidity.

And today's Wednesday, meaning I have but two! days of work left in the week. Could be worse.

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