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#4900: Just 100 left before the next millennium

Can you believe I'm closing in on 5,000 posts? I sure as hell can't. Holy shit.

Probably going to move elsewhere at the 5,000 mark. I'm tired of Googe not indexing my posts. Used to be I could type "site:" and then append whatever search terms I wanted, and get a useful result--but that hasn't worked for quite a while now. I don't know why Googe no longer indexes Livejournal, but none of the other search engines do either.

Hoping to use a service that can auto-migrate the legacy Fungus posts to the new domain, but who knows?

* * *

SJWs ruined the GNOME foundation. And I use the word "ruined" advisedly, meaning "financially ruined" as well as the other meanings of the term. "In 2013, the most recently reported year, the GNOME Foundation spent $275,000 of its $600,000 budget (and $512,000 revenue) on Women's Outreach."

If your organization makes $512,000 per year, spends $600,000, and is spending almost half of its budget on useless claptrap that does nothing to further the organization's actual mission, it is going to fail.

This is something like Ford Motor Company selling $135 billion worth of cars in 2014, and spending $67 billion on beekeeping.

* * *

So I heard on the radio today that the US is going to accept Syrian refugees. That's absolutely spiffy.

And this is why.

* * *

Computer Science really isn't. It's pretty useless. People who succeed in computer programming do so in spite of their degree, not because of it--and some of the best don't go to college for CS at all, or drop out when they realize that they don't need the piece of paper to get a fantastic job.

Which is not to say that a CS degree has no value whatsoever. It's just not a reliable indication that its bearer can program computers, is all. Several of my former coworkers at the noise box are CS majors. Do I think they're going to write the next killer app? Probably not; in fact I'd wager most of them aren't even going to be programmers...but they'll probably end up doing reasonably well in whatever capacity they find themselves. It's just not going to be an excessively technical capacity.

I'm stating a fact: that place does not employ people who can fix things. The repair process (that costs $200 if you do a one-time repair) consists mainly of plugging the computer in and running a program that does diagnostics and scans for malware. It takes perhaps 24 hours to complete all the scans and remove the junk. Then the tech runs another program that makes sure everything is updated. A few other programs get run, and then the machine is marked "complete" and put on the shelf.

A monkey could do that job. It is almost entirely automated.

In fact, the "Advanced Repair Agent" is actively discouraged from doing anything other than running those programs. It is very seldom that the ARA does much of anything other than run programs and provide the occasional click of a key or a mouse button. Hardware repairs are limited solely to what you can do with a screwdriver; if you can't replace the hard drive or memory module or video card in about a minute using basic hand tools, the failed machine must be sent to the repair center. Backups are also automated, leaving the ARA only manual tasks like swapping DVD-Rs and writing labels.

This business model works because nine times out of ten a personal computer stops working correctly because it's become all gunked up with malware and OS cruft, and merely needs a good cleaning. If the ARA actually had to think about how to fix most of the problems he faces the Geek Squad would have gone out of business years ago.

* * *

Oklahoma cops are now road agents. That's what they called highway robbers back in the Wild West--road agents--and the cops merely have the cover of law for their banditry.

* * *

Climate science is all about money, and don't you ever forget it. "So the USA owes the world $4 Trillion because SCIENCE™! but the IPCC 'scientific' climate models are mystified as to why it's been almost 20 years with no warming."

* * *

Well, one day left of this week. Seems like yesterday was Monday.

On my way home yesterday I decided to take back roads, because I-80 was looking like it was going to be full of goots and I didn't want to deal with them. As I drove south on 43 in Tinley Park I saw that gas was $2.40 a gallon there.

Figuring that it would be even less closer to the Fungal Vale, I did not stop...and when I got to the Fungal Vale I saw that I had made a mistake, because it was still $2.70 a gallon here. I hoped that it would go down overnight, but it didn't, so this morning I gave in and put $19 into the tank at $2.70 a gallon. Argh etc.

I believe--I hope--I have enough gas left in the Jeep to get me to work and home again tomorrow. It's registering a shade under half a tank, which should be enough to go 90 miles. Then it'll be a tight squeeze until Wednesday of next week, which is when Mrs. Fungus gets paid and I can beg a finski from her to tide me over until Friday. It is looking, however, as if I should not have bought those two MP3 albums after all. *sigh*

Digging out from under the bills is going to take time. I just need to space it out a little better.


In two parts.

Part one: Apparently Steven Colbert is bombing as the successor to David Letterman, and to be honest I'm not even remotely surprised.

I don't know if Colbert is doing his faux neocon schtick for Late Show or not, but that was the only thing he had going for him. Following Jon Stewart's Daily Show, Colbert's act was a caricature of conservatism as seen by progressives and commie-libs, just like Archie Bunker in the 1970s:

His popularity came entirely from that: close proximity to successful show, and doing a schtick which reinforced the prejudices of the target audience of that show.

So, yeah--I'm not surprised that he's not doing well. David Letterman, that old socialist, was also not doing very well in that time slot, and both he and Cobert are of a kind.

* * *

Second thing:

I observed--again--today that people are idiots who forget how to drive when it rains. Holy crap were the idiots out. "Look at me! I'm driving in the middle lane in a 65 zone and I'm almost going 50 MPH!"


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