atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4904: Well-rested? Before noon? ME?

Today was another of those rare days where neither Mrs. Fungus nor I had to get up, so there was no alarm in the small hours of the morning. I got up around 7 to hit the can, and saw that it was 66 in here, so I switched on the heat. I don't mind 69; that's the temp I keep the place at in winter--but 66 is too friggin' cold, especially when it's not even autumn yet.

Went back to bed after a snack and a brief surf of the comics; slept a couple more hours and woke up a little bit ago feeling strange. It was an odd sensation, not awake exactly, but something--

Oh. Not tired. Merely sleepy. Well-rested.

Today I'm going to have to put the Jeep back together, because it turns out that I can't drive it without a rear driveshaft after all: it'll puke transfer case lube out the back without the driveshaft in place. Argh etc. There's a u-joint at each end of the shaft, but the front one is attached to a slip yoke, and is held in with four clips--no u-bolts or the like--and so it's a royal pain to replace. (The back one is bolted to the yoke on the axle and pressed into the yoke on the shaft.)

I had to pop one of those crimp bands to get the shaft out of the boot, but I can use a radiator clamp to reseal that. My big worry is getting the u-joint into the yoke and working correctly.

...which I'll do after I figure out what the hell I'm going to eat today. We're out of the simple stuff; I have the ingredients for dinner but I have nothing to make breafast or lunch with, other than the components for a PBJ.

Eggs: I don't know if they're reasonably-priced yet, but the last time I looked at them they were FIVE DOLLARS A DOZEN. ("There's no inflation!") Actually, apparently the egg industry suffered from a mass die-off of laying hens after avian flu swept through the population, so the price of eggs rose to reflect the declining supply and constant demand. It takes a few months for chicks to mature into adults, and I have no idea where you get chicks when the hens are all dying, but then again animal husbandry is not one of my skill sets. Presumably some hens survive and are bred (and in fact the ones that do the breeding aren't kept in the same places as the ones that do the laying) and eventually the price of eggs drops back into more reasonable territory.

That's the theory.

Anyway, with the price of eggs approximating $YEECH! I haven't even looked at them the last few times I hit the store for other sundries. I figure I might hop on the bike and head over that way this morning, just to see what kind of vittles I can eke out of my remaining shekels. A man needs to eat.

And once I have something in my stomach, the work begins anew. Such a stimulating life I lead.

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