atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4908: I'm starting to worry

This morning, the alarm clock failed to go off again. I tested it yesterday and it worked; what's more, I distinctly remember turning the alarm on before dossing down.

Yet it was off this morning, and if I had not set my cell phone to go off at about the same time, I would have overslept again.

I don't know what's going on, but I don't like it.

* * *

Look at these poll numbers for the GOP Presidential race. The numbers for all the insiders are dwarfed by Trump's.

And Trump scares the shit out of the entrenched interests.

* * *

Because the police have to justify their expenses, that's why they arrested a 14-year-old kid who'd built a home-made clock.

They said it was a "hoax bomb" even though the kid never claimed it was a bomb. Our law enforcement apparatus is shit.

* * *

BNSF says they're going to shut down at the end of the year if they're required to have positive train control operational.

...and then people are going to find out exactly how much of our economy depends on rail traffic. It won't be pretty.

* * *

As for me--I had a good day yesterday, including getting the grass cut. The weather was gorgeous; it was a perfect late summer day and I got the job done about an hour before the sun set. Foolishly I did not go to bed, but stayed awake; and when my wife got home from work it was just in time for the dinner I'd started about an hour earlier.

I ended up getting to bed after 11. *whimper* I nearly fell asleep in training today, some four or five times, and was having a hell of a time staying awake. I was so tired I was getting crosseyed, and I think I actually did fall asleep once or twice, to snap awake a second or two later.

Anyway, it was a good day, and my mood improved considerably over where it had been Saturday night, all day Sunday, and part of Monday.

But now I must go get some f-ing sleep, because otherwise I'm going to get a bad case of qwertyitis.

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