atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#490: I'm sure this would startle more than a few.

Reagan official says Karl Rove moved GOP to the left?

While we're on the subject of bullshit, how about this article about workers suffering from "e-mail stress"?

What the hell is that supposed to be? The only stress I get from e-mail is when my spam folder has 345 messages telling me I have been approved for a loan I never applied for. How stupid are these asshats? How stupid do they think I am? Who goes around telling people, "I'm going to lend you money! I don't care about your credit history!" It's an obvious scam, and it offends the shit out of me that these motherfucking MORONS THINK I'M THAT GODDAMNED STUPID!!!

...whew...maybe there is something to that article, after all.

The only thing worse than that nonsense is all the "erectile dysfunction" ads. So not only do they think I'm stupid, but apparently they think I suffer in the bedroom, too, which is either depressing or irritating, and I'm not sure which. In any event I don't see why I should buy "Viagr@" (Good old Vyag Rat is at it again!) to fix a problem I don't have with a sex life which is utterly nonexistent.

And to cool off my ire, I read this article about the development of a flexible and biodegradable super-battery with an amazing energy density. Carbon: is there anything it can't do?

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