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#4909: Well, one day left in the classroom.

Then the real learning begins.

* * *

It's not because the kid is a muslim. Okay? It's because the school faculty called the cops, and the last thing all those government employees want is to look like complete fools, so it's only natural that the police arrested the kid for whatever they could think of, and confiscated the clock.

Look: if they hadn't arrested him, then he might have sued them for this-that-and-the-other. It's pure CYA on the part of government bureaucrats of middlin' intellect, nothing more. Besides, any time a kid shows up in public school with anything outside of that middlin' intellect he has to be taken down a few notches so as not to get any ideas about, you know, achieving anything. We mustn't let the dumbass kids feel intimidated or have their feelings hurt because there's someone smarter than they are.

If he'd been white, the cops probably would have found a reason to hit him with a Taser.

* * *

The Fed is laying the groundwork for negative interest rates. That's where you have to pay the bank to hold your deposits for you. Yeah, because QE worked so well they had to do it three times; let's make money even cheaper!

...which naturally won't do jack shit to fix the economy because Keynesian economics don't work and the world is already suffering under a buttload of debt it can never pay.

* * *

Incidentally, a butt load is a real measurement. It's 147 US gallons of wine. One pipe, or butt, is half a tun. Furthermore, 1/14 of a tun is a firkin, which is about nine gallons.

And, by the way, faggot is also a unit.

* * *


~~⌠~ < I need about tree fitty.

* * *

What did the Nobel Committee expect to happen when they gave Barack Hussein Obama the Peace Prize solely for being elected President of the United States? I honestly don't understand how any of those idiots can feel any regret over awarding the prize to someone who has never done anything noteworthy towards the advancement of world peace. Hell, even Jimmy Carter deserved his Nobel, having brokered the Camp David accords.

Then again, after Yassir Arafat won the stupid thing it lost all meaning and credibility, anyway.

* * *

Steven Den Beste gets it right on what the GOP should do and would if it had a spine, or any interest whatsoever in fighting the Democrat agenda.

But the GOP is just fine with Democrat control of the political process in the US as long as they can be figureheads.

* * *

New York Times has dubbed Trump the GOP frontrunner. There it is.

* * *

Billy Joel is old. Yep. Old. Hopefully he hasn't been using the Force to crush peoples' larynxes, though.

* * *

It was late in 1987 when this happened:

The former Energizer spokesman Mary Lou Retton, Olympic medalist, was gone, replaced with this weird Australian guy no one in America had ever heard of.

A few weeks later the weird Australian guy showed up in a very short-running TV series called The Highwayman, which was approximately The Road Warrior, but suitably detuned for television. It was a bleeding awful show, of course, and got canceled so quickly I think it must've been done while the pilot was still running (perhaps during an Energizer commercial). As far as I know that was Jacko's sum total contribution to American culture, and after that miserable TV show's merciful subsidence, I never saw him anywhere else.

* * *

Incidentally, that ASCII Loch Ness monster is something that came out of my notepad doodles at work. I won't be able to save anything directly, but at least I can replicate a few bits here and there. Heh.

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