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#4911: Weirdly made Chinese food.

What we Americans refer to as Chinese food, anyway.

My wife didn't like my planned menu for Thursday evening, and I was just as happy about it because that was a day where I came home from work and collapsed. I'd planned to make meatballs, and bought a box of fettucini and a jar of Ragu alfredo sauce; I figured fettucini alfredo with meatballs would be a fair dinkum meal.

Mrs. Fungus called around 8-ish, waking me, and said, "No, I'm getting Chinese. What do you want?" That was fine with me because it meant more sack time. In my semi-somnolent state I mumbled something about General Tao's Chicken, so when she got home and woke me up there was a bucket of General Tao's Chicken awaiting my attention. She'd gotten some Mongolian Beef for herself, and a half dozen eggrolls. (I think she ordered 4 and they gave her 2 free.)

The beef in her dish had been breaded and deep-fried, which is not how Mongolian Beef is ordinarily made. The sauce on my dish was sweet and sour sauce with, apparently, Lousiana Hot Sauce added.

Not bad, mind you, not even remotely--I just finished off the leftovers--just not what I was thinking of.

The chicken, on the other hand, was lightly breaded. Unlike the Chinese places around the bunker, it's chicken with a thin layer of breading on it--rather than some weird kind of small croquette or dumpling, of which approximately 1/4 of its volume is actually chicken. I stopped buying General Tao's Chicken from the nearest place--despite the fact that they have the best GTC sauce ever--because of that.

Anyway, I'm going to try this new place's sesame chicken next time Mrs. Fungus decides she wants Chinese.

* * *

Trump knocks it out of the park on the 2nd Amendment. Like Karl Denninger I would love true Constitutional Carry, but Trump's ideas for making CCW permits cross state lines like driver's licenses is long overdue, and one I've not heard from any other contender, ever.

Everyone in the elite is mystified at Trump's success, and they continually try playing everything he does as an abject failure...yet his poll numbers are higher after the debate this past week.

Trump's platform is working because it's tying into the anger of the general electorate. And there's a lot of it out there; Neo-neocon remarks on the illegal alien issue here.

That last: the media spin all these stories one way, apparently thinking that they're setting the tone--when in fact people stubbornly insist on having their own opinions, and no amount of bleeding heart foolishness is going to mitigate that. People are angry that our government refuses to enforce its own laws because they are the ones being hurt most by the non-enforcement.

I'm supposed to feel sorry for an illegal alien who has been arrested for committing felony identity fraud? Why?

The people in comments and elsewhere who are cavailing about "HIPPA" and her "right to privacy" don't seem to understand that when you commit a crime you are liable to be arrested wherever the law finds you. Whether it's the doctor's office, the third port-a-potty in the third row at the county fair, a skybox at Soldiers' Field, your own home, or what, location is irrelevant. You'll find that there is no violation of HIPPA in reporting someone for committing a felony. Because you're not calling the police and saying, "Hey, there's this woman here who has an ovarian cyst and might be pre-diabetic." You're calling the police and saying, "Hey, there's a woman here who has just presented a fake ID." Invoking HIPPA ain't gonna fly, asshats.

Flyover country has just about had enough of this kind of bullshit, too.

* * *

Interesting bit in that last one--the honeybee population is doomed and so are we. The exact same government agency reports an ever-declining population of honeybees even as it reports burgeoning honey harvests. Apparently the bees are automating, or something. *rolleyes*

Then they wonder why we no longer trust government numbers.

* * *

A perfect example of coastal politics in action. All employers required to pay a minimum wage of $15 an hour isn't enough; now they must provide twelve weeks of paid parental leave.

Yeah, that works. Sure.

The idiots who advocate all this claim that it will result in a healthier workforce, and thus save money. This is the kind of thing they've always said about everything they've emplaced, and not once has it been demonstrated to be true.

Twelve weeks is three months, I might add. That sure would be sweet, being able to take three months off without any repercussions, and to get paid for them.

WTF that's the kind of thing they do in France, and that country only has about a 25% unemployment rate....

* * *

This weekend, I have no pressing tasks ahead of me, save one: I must go buy carrots.

What a contrast to last weekend. Last weekend I had hoped to spend resting; instead it was an endless hell of u-joints and other problems. No wonder this past week seemed so long; I didn't really have much of a weekend in which to relax.

Since it rained just about all day yesterday I can't cut the grass this afternoon. What a pity.

Neither I nor Mrs. Fungus has anywhere else to be (other than my trip to the store, which I can make on the bike). It's cool outside so the windows are open and the fans are off. It's quiet and pleasant.

Thank You, Lord.

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