atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4913: Can I still sleep in?

This morning I woke up early and fretted that getting up at 4 AM for the past month had ruined my ability to sleep later. Then I realized that a couple weeks of having to be at work at 1:30 PM will fix that, and went right back to sleep.

* * *

Yesterday was a very pleasant day. Mrs. Fungus slept in, and it's good that she did because she had the on-call phone from her employer and needed to answer it from 6 PM through 8 AM. She took a good half-dozen calls while we were trying to watch Napoleon Dynamite.

I went to bed after midnight. I don't know what time it was when she came to bed, but the phone rang again one more time after that.

She's not going to have to do this again, for which we're both grateful, but it was awful nice for us to have the weekend off together.

* * *

I had not planned to do anything of note this weekend, but the bathtub surround--

My stopgap measure was to tape plastic over the damaged part, to keep water out. It's impossible to get a completely water-tight seal where the plastic met the tub, and water kept getting in regardless, but it reduced infiltration to a minumum. Nonetheless, it would mildew behind the plastic and I'd have to pull it off and clean it and re-cover it.

Yesterday I hit on the idea of taking a piece of lexan (scrap, donated by Og) and screwing it to the wall, then caulking around its periphery. The lexan is completely waterproof, as is the caulk; it fits nicely over the entire affected area and should keep water out even more effectively than the plastic did. The best part was that I was able to use stuff I had on hand.

I had to drill a couple holes through tile to make it work, and to my surprise I was able to do that with a regular drill bit. The tile will all be replaced anyway, so that doesn't matter. And when it comes time to remove this temporary patch, the lexan will be entirely reusable.

Next project is to clean out the shower stall in the other bathroom and figure out how to get that functional again. If we could stop taking showers in the main bathroom that would go a long way towards preventing further decay. The big issue in the other bathroom is the drywall; it's a simple shower stall (uses a liner instead of tile) and replacing the drywall is going to be the hard part. WTF, I need to learn how to tape drywall anyway....

* * *

With the abatement of the summer heat, we've reached the part of September where it's most pleasant. Though last night it was under 50 outside and I had to close the windows, the daytime weather is ridiculously nice.

There are three peppers growing on the pepper plant, and it's flowered more than a dozen times, so there are more tiny things that could be peppers if the weather holds up long enough. Yesterday I saw that the pepper plant was in shade around noon, so I moved the planter. Hopefully not being shaded at the time of most intense sunlight will help the peppers grow.

Another couple weeks of high 80s and humidity would help more, but that's not very likely. Should have gotten these things going about two, three weeks earlier. Well, next year, maybe.

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