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#4916: Because SHUT UP, that's why!

That's the left's answer to those who may ask, "Why Do Muslims Get to Ignore the Same Laws Used to Prosecute Christian Businesses?"

* * *

Why are we threatening Russia with nukes anyway? Did no one inform the Saber-Rattler-in-Chief that the Cold War is over?

I can only think of a scant handful of explanations for Obama's Russia policy, and none of them are good. In fact, all of them require an element of perfidious intent from our President, to one extent or another.

One idea I had was that Obama wants ISIS to succeed in its insane quest for the "world caliphate". That would explain why he's done his best to minimize and ignore ISIS and its atrocities, and also explains why he's siding with ISIS against Syria and Russia. (And why, in fact, he's sided with any islamic movement to disrupt the status quo, except in Iran.)

Another idea: Putin made Obama look like a fool, and Obama's such a narcissist that he utterly refuses to let that go.

Third idea: Obama is just plain incompetent and in way over his head in all this. (Given what we know about Obama, this is the most likely. The other two could be completely true as well and this one could still be the cause of all this.)

* * *

Earth to Don Henley: Shut up and sing "Hotel California" or something. You are not qualified to comment on politics. His song "End of the Innocence" takes an incompetent jab at Ronald Reagan ("we're beating plowshares into swords/for this tired old man we elected king") that is not even wrong, it's so divorced from reality.

The fact, however, that Trump scares the shit out of liberals is enough for me to want him to win.

* * *

Well, well, well: Now that we know more of the backstory, the clock-building kid doesn't look quite so innocent after all.

Item: his father runs for President of Sudan whenever there is an election, and is, shall we say, "politically outspoken".

Item: his sister was previously suspended for three days for saying she wanted to blow up the school.

Item: the clock in question was, in fact, the guts of a 1990s Micronta (Radio Shack) alarm clock, and not any sort of "invention". (Unless putting a commercially-built clock into a new casing can be considered an "invention", which I doubt.)

That last, by the way--you can build a clock out of 7400 series logic chips without too much effort, if you know how to read datasheets and logic diagrams. I did it, in tech school, and still have the thing around here somewhere; all it needs is +5V and a 60 Hz square wave and it'll keep time quite nicely to the second (limited only by the stability of your square wave's frequency). The hard part was getting the AM/PM indicator to work correctly with the hour tens digit; building the counting and display stages was easy and in fact the minutes and seconds stages are exact duplicates of each other, because all they have to do is to count from 00 to 59 and then reset. I built mine in an evening; all the hard work was done by the guys who designed the logic chips. This counter, this BCD-to-7-segment decoder, a few miscellanious gates to get the reset logic right, and you're in business. Easy.

...not as easy as taking the guts out of an alarm clock and hot-gluing them into a pencil box, of course.

I still think the school faculty and the police overreacted (and should not have arrested the kid) but I also no longer think the kid was entirely innocent.

* * *

So! Eclipse of the moon this weekend, and guess what? I have a telescope! A pretty firkin' good telescope, too! Here's hoping for good seeing...but of course it's happening on Sunday evening, and I have to be in bed fairly early Sunday night because I have work on Monday morning. Whee!

...and I am striving to maintain a clean attendance and punctuality record, because at 90 days we get about a 1% raise if we do well. On a yearly basis it amounts to a box of waffles and a bottle of Aunt Jemima, but every little bit helps and if I get that little bit, it looks so very good to the people who will decide whether or not I'd make a good supervisor or trainer...and believe me, I need the money those folks pull in.

I've now heard some three (or four?) different versions of how the pay rate increase for the whole call center is going to be handled. Bottom line, however, is that regardless of which way it goes, after I'm in production I'll still have gotten a bigger raise than I ever got at Best Buy or Target. (Or even Rockwell, now that I think of it.)

* * *

Watched the first two eps of Princess Jellyfish on YouTube--and I called the big reveal in the first ep about the time the character was being introduced--and liked them enough that I want to see more. What is available, however, is crappy fansubs, so at some point I'll have to whip up the scratch to buy it on DVD or something. It won't be this week. But it's $20 from Amazon (under the S.A.V.E. label) so that's not too shabby.

$95 for BluRay. No.

* * *

And now, sleep.

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