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#4917: Shrillary Clinton!

Yeah, a bunch of feminist sleestaks got their USMC surplus boxers in a twist over someone saying that Hillary Clinton is "shrill". That's the reason for today's post title.

* * *

Did you see that butter just hit an all-time record high price of $3.10 per pound? It was $2.50 a pound just a couple of years ago. BUT THERE'S NO INFLATION!

* * *

The first link here puts the final nail in the "kid gets handcuffed for building a clock" story. It looks as if this was a deliberate attempt to make trouble, meaning that the kid's arrest was justified and the cops did nothing wrong.

The kid's father had the cops put the cuffs back on him so his sister could take the picture.

Well, I tried to think the best of the situation, and it turned out to be yet another example of manufactured muslim grievance-mongering.

* * *

What is the EPA limit for NOx emissions from diesels? How does that limit compare to those from other countries?

I'd bet money that the US limit is stupidly, impossibly low, and that's why VW did what it did.

* * *

Caterpillar acknowledges the depression.
The company was merely preparing to shock its investors with a $1.5 billion cost-cutting announcement, which includes the firing of as much as 10,000 people through 2018. Far worse, however, is the company finally admitting that it can no longer pretend reality does not exist, and cut its revenue outlook by 5% with the admission that "2016 would mark the first time in Caterpillar's 90-year history that sales and revenues have decreased four years in a row."
The mining and energy sectors are being very hard hit by the reduction in coal use because of the depression and ever-tighter environmental mandates. Besides reducing demand for energy, the depression is also reducing demand for copper, aluminum, iron, and other raw materials. This is reflected in the declining futures prices; and because the markets for mined materials are declining, the need for the equipment that is used to mine that stuff is also declining.

Bad, bad, bad.

* * *

If you're a left-handed Jewish cablinasian lesbian from the ghetto, you're guaranteed a job at Cornell University! You don't even have to be useful as long as you're from an underrepresented victim class and have a degree in something. They don't even care what your field is. "I'm a crotobaltislavonian muslim lesbian transsexual with achondroplasty, and I have a degree in macrame!" HOLY SHIT SIGN HERE!!!

Further parody is impossible. The situation is already too ludicrous.

* * *

Today was not the best day. Out of seven or eight calls that I took this morning, I did badly on two of them and of those two the last call I took today was so royally stuffed it could have been Henry VIII's codpiece.

The guy was a miggim, which didn't help matters. I was on that call for the better part of 90 minutes. Because it was the last call I took today I didn't have a chance to get back on the horse. It sucked the energy right out of me, and I spent the rest of my day in a funk.

I'm going to bed when this post goes up. *sigh*

But I lived through it, and it was still a better day than nearly all the days I had at Best Buy, so it's got that going for it.

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