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#4918: To save himself the shame of losing the chair, he's resigning

Ding dong, the witch is dead. John "I never saw a Democrat program I could oppose" Boehner is going to resign at the end of October. I think that's great; without John "We really tried to cut spending and all we could manage was a rounding error" Boehner as Speaker of the House we have a chance of getting someone new in who might not be quite so Dem-friendly.

Or not. We'll see, of course.

And then Karl Denninger says, "o the rest of the Republicans: Don't do that again, or else you will be abandoned." Absolutely.

Boehner has survived several other attempts to oust him, but the one gaining momentum among the conservative wing of the GOP is building steam and gaining momentum, and it's likely that even if he managed to survive what's essentially a vote of no confidence it would be politically ruinous for him to retain the seat, and his prospects for further service in the House would be endangered.

So, woohoo.

* * *

Microsoft issues patches that turn Win 7 and Win 8 into spyware like Win 10. I have already gone through the list of pending updates and disabled them. You should do the same if you use Win 7 or 8.

* * *

Shrillary Clinton lied about having work-related e-mails on a previously undisclosed private server. Yep: she has another private server and there are work-related e-mails on it.
This has legal consequences: Hillary previously certified, on pain of perjury, to a federal judge that she had now turned over all work related emails, and not just a Whitman's Sampler of them.
Perjury is heap serious bad juju, and a person can go to jail for that. Luckily:

FUN Hillary Clinton Fact!
Hillary Clinton isn't a person! She's not actually human; she is a sophisticated simulacrum generated by the same aliens that kidnapped Elvis and currently reside in Roswell.

* * *

"The answer is Yes, you are." Karl Denninger on what's wrong with the police in America. Short form: they can literally get away with murder.

* * *

Vox Day has a good point here when he says, "Immigration is rape culture". He's talking about the mass influx of middle eastern muslims into Europe:
A culture of rape and sexual abuse is being allowed to take hold in asylum centres across Germany as Europe struggles to cope with the migrant crisis, it has been alleged,

Women’s rights groups and politicians have highlighted assaults against women and children in at least one camp. And they suggest such incidents may be widespread, with many going unreported to the police.

Campaigners also claimed some men saw unaccompanied women as ‘fair game’, and also blamed conditions in which occupants were unsegregated by gender or nationality.
When the barbarians come to your gate, it is most unwise to welcome them in.

* * *

The de-facto penalty for an unpaid traffic ticket is death. Police put an addict into a constant observation cell, then let him die from his withdrawal symptoms.

* * *

How many acres does it take to generate 26 terawatt-hours per year?

Well, if you're using windmills, 250,000.

If you're using solar, 130,000.

Click through to find out how much if it's nuclear. (Hint: the answer is three orders of magnitude smaller.)

* * *

So, had an excellent day at work today. First thing after the morning meeting, I had my first coaching, and my current supervisor had a lot of good things to say about the call we listened to. Then we talked about ways I could improve, which was extremely constructive, and I finished that with a smile on my face.

Calls were calls. I had some grumpy people and some nice ones, but none of the mean ones were miggims and the nice calls more than made up for them. I had a couple of really quick calls, and one that took a while.

Then there was an announcement: some people had gotten 10s on customer surveys. To my surprise, I was one of them.


ADDENDUM: today is the day the iPhone 6s came out.

I got a call from a guy. His wife had pre-ordered her 6s and stayed home today to wait for FedEx to deliver it. She had to go out for something, and--of course--that was when FedEx tried to deliver the phone.

Guy: Can you call FedEx and have them send the driver back?

Me: ... Uh, sir, that's not something I can do. The phone is in FedEx's hands and I have no control over their delivery times. The best suggestion I have is for you to call FedEx and see what they can do for you.

Guy: Well, you hired FedEx to deliver the phone, so you should be able to do it!

Me: I'm sorry, sir, but as I said, we have no control over the delivery of the device once it's in FedEx's hands.

Guy: All right! I'll call them myself! *click*

He literally wanted me to call FedEx and make them send their driver back along his route--no doubt carefully designed to minimize drive time and maximize package delivery time--solely so they wouldn't have to wait an extra day for a cell phone.

Fortunately, my brain works slowly enough that it wasn't until after the call had ended (and I'd made my remarks and closed the window) that the utter ridiculousness of his request hit me, and then I just sat there and laughed.

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