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#4922: Don't get cocky!

Three surveys, three tens. Please, God, let me keep this up.

* * *

So, VW installed software which would detect when a car was undergoing emissions testing, and alter its performance accordingly so it could pass.

In 2008, the EPA cut allowable NOx emissions from 1.2 grams per mile to 0.07 g/m. Because POLLUTION!!

If you were to look at what kind of polltants were spewed by an average car built in 1970, and compare them to an average car built in 1988, you'd see a drastic difference. The difference is even more stark if you compare 1970 with 2000.

Most of the improvement took place prior to 1990, of course, because the first eighty percent of improving anything is usually pretty simple. The elimination of leaded gasoline was probably the easiest part, and made for quite a vast improvement in air quality by itself. Pollution controls took another giant step forward in the 1980s when digital electronic fuel injection (EFI) became commonplace. Before that an engine was a plumbing nightmare; after that it was a wiring nightmare but EFI had the virtue of being a lot more reliable than fifty miles of vacuum tubing attached to a carbeurator. By 1990, the air was much cleaner because most of the dirtiest cars had been replaced with much cleaner machines. In the first decade of the 21st century, cars emitted a tiny fraction of the pollutants they had thirty years earlier.

Of course, the EPA has the power to regulate emissions, and of course they will make them ever tighter. You only know you have power over someone if you can make him miserable. EPA is long past needing to be reined in.

When this story broke, I knew--I KNEW--that VW had done this because it was impossible to build a car that performed decently that could also meet the EPA's ever-increasingly ridiculous strictures. This is the same EPA, by the way, that wanted to emplace a limit on arsenic in drinking water that was far below naturally occuring levels. And George W. Bush was a SKUNK!!! for putting a stop to it.

This rule went into effect in 2008. Pity Bush didn't do anything about it.

Which is why this note is bullshit. "2-4x more [pollutants] than a Chevy Suburban"? Really?

Whichever asshat it was who put that note on that car, he Godwinned himself. "Founded by Nazis"? What about Mitsubishi, which built a lot of planes for the Japanese? BMW was a big contributor to the Nazi war effort, as was Mercedes Benz; should those brands also be shunned? ($5 says the dick that put this note on the VW owns a Mini, which is currently manufactured by BMW. Yeah.) This note is just eco-nazi sanctimony.

* * *

Guess what? Most of the global warming is due to temperature adjustments, and if you correct for the adjusterated and fiddleized temperature record there is no global warming.

On the other hand, this is the one way man-made global warming is possible: by faking the data. Otherwise, forget it.

* * *

Senate Republicans are lazy. They'd have to work to stand up to Democrats, which means they'd have to work weekends once in a while, and that's just all efforty and stuff, you know. Besides, they can't do that, because the media won't let them, and no one will help them, and they'll never be an adult, and-and-and, whine whine whine.


These assholes live in pampered luxury, not having to do anything even remotely resembling labor to get paid very well and receive extravagant benefits. (Not to mention becoming filthy rich while they're in power.) And they can't be fucked to stand up to their political opponents why? Because they might have to work!

Today, I got up at 5 AM and went to work. I spent my day helping people with billing questions. When I got home, I went to Og's place and--by myself--loaded 300 lbs of firewood into the Jeep. I came home, had dinner, then unloaded that 300 lb load of firewood and--for good measure!--vacuumed the firewood detritus from the back of the Jeep.

That's too much work for a US Senator, who makes an order of magnitude more money than I do. And who has people working for him to do all the heavy lifting of his job.


* * *

Shrillary had a head injury, you know.

* * *

Gays are "born this way" and, apparently, so are pedophiles. The biggest problem with the arguments for normalizing homosexuality is that those arguments apply equally well to pedophilia, or indeed any other sexual orientation you'd care to imagine.

"I would never choose this!" They complain when someone says that it's a choice--but they will choose to dance around a gigantic penis float in a gay pride parade.

...but if society must accept your homosexuality because you can't help being gay, why is it okay to discriminate against pedophiles? Necrophiles? Zoophiles? Where does that argument end? If your commitment to "tolerance" is worth anything at all, don't you have to accept as "alternate sexual orientation" what are currently viewed as deviant behaviors? I remind you that homosexuality was once regarded as being on par with pedophilia etc, and was considered mental illness until very recently; and in fact now pychologists are in the process of reclassifying pedophilia as "alternate sexual orientation" rather than mental illness...exactly as was done with homosexuality several decades ago.

* * *

The problem with detecting gravity waves is that they change the shape of space. The same space in which the gravity wave detector exists. You can make the thing as sensitive as you like, but it's not going to detect ripples in space-time because when the space that the detector is in changes shape, the light used to detect the change follows the shape of space.

I'm probably not explaining it very well. Suffice it to say that I don't think the conventional means of detecting gravity waves will ever detect anything, no matter how sensitive it may be, because it can't, much the same way the Michaelson-Morely experiment failed to detect the luminiferous ether.

* * *

Holy CRAP, WGN. Just...holy CRAP. "Hey, it's Yom Kippur! Let's use an image of a Nazi patch as an image while we talk about a Jewish holiday!" They might as well have put up a Nazi flag with the swastika on it, for crying out loud.

* * *

Oh, dick. OH, DICK! Bluesun has a top hat!

* * *

I am pretty f-ing tired. I overslept this morning--about half an hour--and got to work in the nick of time by eschewing a shower. (Shaved and showered yesterday, and didn't exert anything, so I got away with it.) Anyway, I'm going to get cleaned up and go to bed, I think, because dang.

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