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#4931: Pricing life-saving medication out of reach of most people

The EpiPen cost $18 a year ago. Now it's $500.

So: if you're one of those people who must live in fear of anaphylactic shock--someone with a bee sting allergy, for example--replacing last year's pen will cost you about 27x as much.

As Karl Denninger points out, someone in the medical community can buy a vial of epinephrine for about $5, which contains three doses, and syringes are pennies apiece. But ordinary people cannot buy vials of the drug, because FDA.

Thanks, Obama! Thanks, Democrats!

* * *

Michael Flynn has a piece up about all the "peak oil" caterwauling that seems to have taken place with startling regularity since we started using the stuff.

"Yet each time one of these predictions comes along," he concludes, "we still take it seriously." What you mean "we", paleface? I was scoffing at this nonsense even before I was old enough to know better.

* * *

Today was a pretty fair dinkum day, I suppose. I couldn't cudgel myself out of bed fast enough and ended up having exactly one minute of quiet before I had to go into the building; but for all of that I had only one irate caller.

You know, if you consistently pay your bill late, and it's been shut off twice in as many months, you're probably not going to get credited for your reconnect fees. If you'd been on-time with every payment but one and this is the first time you got shut off, we'd probably find a way to do it, but if you've been late on every payment this year and you got shut off again a mere month after you'd gotten shut off--you're out of luck.

Besides, it's not a good idea to talk to your friend while the call center rep is on the line and can hear you talking about spending $80 on something at Target this past weekend. Particularly when the call center rep can't afford to blow $80 on anything that isn't a strict necessity.

...and when you're talking about a multi-line account with all kinds of iPhones on it? That registers really low on the "sympathy" meter, here. One cell phone is going to cost you about $60 a month, more or less. Two will cost you $120. Three will be $180. Do you see a pattern here? And if you want lots and lots of data allowance for your smartphones? Have fun paying that bill, pal. It ain't free.

The woman got mad at me because I gave her a $20 credit rather than the $80 that she wanted. That was perilously close to the limit of what I could do, and at that I was doing it to be nice, not because I thought she deserved it.

I didn't take her ire personally, though. I didn't care. Look: if you can't pay the bill you'd best find a way to economize. Furthermore you should have learned your lesson last month when it was shut off.

...but naturally I said nothing like that to her. I merely informed her that because the last several bills had been past due and because her service had been shut off once already, I was severely limited in what options I could offer her. I told her she could always talk to our financial services department and do a promise-to-pay, which could help to keep her service on; but because of the history on the account I had only enough leeway to credit her for one of the charges.

And yeah, she got mad. Oh well. Pay your bills on time and you won't get charged reconnect fees.

* * *

Other than that, I had a pretty good day, and at that I garnered another 10/10 rating, for a new total of six. Can't complain about that, now, can I?

I am learning, however, that part of this job is nothing more than shoveling BS. You're not telling the client that X is so; you're letting him think that Y is so, which makes you look like a prince for letting him have X.

Not sure I can do that.

Well, interview tomorrow; wish me luck, because it would be something technical and a significant pay raise to boot.

* * *

Last night I made yakisoba for the first time in about a decade.

Okay, it hasn't actually been that long; but yakisoba was a staple of my diet before I got married. Mrs. Fungus doesn't like it all that much, which is why I don't make it very often; but I had a hankering for it and I decided last night was it. Round steak was on sale (a mere $1 more per pound than it was when I last made it) and you bet I grabbed a good hunk for this. The only problem here is that I put stale peanuts in it.

"Idiot," you say, "peanuts are not an ingredient of authentic Japanese yakisoba!"

I know, I know...but I make spicy yakisoba, adding a tablespoon of Szechuan sauce to the sauce, and the peanuts just seem to go with it. These peanuts were stale, though.

Well, life is a compromise. It's still good, though.

* * *

For the first time in a century I've been watching the Oh! My Goddess! anime--the OVAs which came out in 1993--and I realized that I've forgotten much of the latter three episodes. The first ep is the one I know best.

Still, it's good stuff, and I can still sing the OP in Japanese. Seeing the OVAs has me thinking about watching the two TV series again, even if Kikuko Inoue isn't doing Belldandy's voice in the TV series.

"Got a modem?" Inquires text on the screen after the show is over. "Visit us at www...." "Got a modem"--holy crap if that doesn't date this video, nothing does.

* * *

Tomorrow is another one!

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