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#4933: The bountiful harvest.

Yeah, well, it was a terrible year for the farmers.

This is what I got--and all I am likely to get--from the pepper plant I planted too late in a year which was too chilly for peppers to do really well. Most of the growth of these three happened during that last really hot week of August heading into September.

All three of 'em went into tonight's pot of chili. Fresh off the plant.

I'll do better next year. Mrs. Fungus and I sampled part of one and agreed that it was delicious.

* * *

Yesterday's interview went well enough, I think. I am cautiously optimistic about how things went.

I mean, let's face it: they thought enough of me that once the job was re-opened, they immediately contacted me to let me know they still wanted to interview me for it. That's got to count for something, right?

Today while I was getting my weekly coaching from my boss--standard procedure for call center work--she told me to send her a copy of my resume, because she thinks I'd be a good fit for an IT position which just opened up. That, after she told me that I'd do fine on the floor and that she wanted me to come back to help them train in the T-bay.

But IT work would be great, too. Well, we'll see. Nothing's going to happen if I don't put my hat in the ring, and that hat's going in, damn it.

* * *

As for the pain? Turns out I have a bladder infection. I looked up the symptoms and everything I've experienced is consistent with that, and furthermore I've periodically been feeling kind of woozy for a couple of weeks now. Just what you'd expect from a bacterial infection--fatigue, some dizziness, etcetera--and the pain in my bladder was the signal that it's not my sinuses this time.

So I phoned up my brother, who graciously phoned in an RX for a common antibiotic, and we chatted a bit about the pipe problem in the bunker; he suggested--and I agreed--that his contractor friend should have a gander at it before I did anything else to it. It's tight enough for the moment (dripping slightly rather than draining entirely into the crawl space) and there's no super rush to fix it; I'd rather fix it correctly after getting a professional's opinion than just throw money at it. Besides, that guy might have a foot-long chunk of 1.5" copper pipe laying around--or be able to scrounge one--which would save me about $30 on materials.

As long as it's corrected before we get freezing weather I think it'll be okay.

As for the bladder, one day and two tablets later I feel considerably better and it's no longer as uncomfortable/painful as it was. I call that a successful diagnosis.

* * *

One can watch Timerider in its entirety on YouTube. That's a pretty good movie I haven't seen for about a thousand years. Michael Nesmith directed and composed all the music. Yeah, that Michael Nesmith, from The Monkees.

* * *

Well, bad news: that story I submitted was rejected. *sigh*

They liked it enough to hold it through a few cycles, to see if they could use it; ultimately they decided not to. It is nice to get a personal note from an editor explaining why they decided not to buy it; that's actually a good sign.

Anyway, I've got another story to submit that they may like more...or may not. We'll see.

* * *

Time to have some fun before bed.

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