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#4936: Cleaning the computer room

Because I had to do that video interview last week, I cleaned up a bit in here. We've been whittling away at the clutter anyway, and little by little it's become less of a pit, but this past week I made a major effort. Now the room is almost livable; certainly it looks nicer in here.

Neither of the computers has a wireless adapter, so even if I were to set up the other printer in network mode there's no way to get data to it. That leaves me with a bit of a problem; both desktops could have their own printer (the other printer just needs a toner cart) but ideally I'd like to move the laser printer off my desk entirely and put it elsewhere as a network printer.

...though it does have an Ethernet port on it. And setting it up means making a cable and running it to the printer--once I have toner for it--but then we have a printer that both computers can use, and I can move this printer off my desk and use the space for something else.

I think this is a project worth pursuing.

But it's hard to find the time and energy to do anything right now; I'm still learning a new job, and it's a job that's an hour's drive from my home, so I spend 10 hours per day out of the house. And around all that I have the other chores that any working person must do, things like household chores, cooking, cleaning, etcetera. When the weekend comes I find myself sleeping and relaxing, because the first and foremost thing I have to do is to be ready for work on Monday. Nothing else is as important as being in that desk chair on Monday morning at 7 AM. Any chore which is not strictly necessary is, for the time being, de-emphasized.

It will, I expect, be a bit easier when I'm in production and don't have to be at work until 1:30. Even getting up at 10 AM gives me some time to do things, and since bedtime won't have to be before 9 PM as it is now, I'll have a few hours to myself out of the day to get things done. I mean, I'll still be out of the house for ten hours per day, but it'll be at a time I'm better suited for. (Afternoons, rather than "ass crack of dawn".)

I have five more days of getting up at 5 AM remaining for this job. We'll see if another job happens any time soon that might change this; but if I'm in a different job, well, I've already done the hard part of getting used to getting up early like that. And that different job is likely to pay more than this one does.

* * *

Last week, when I had to go buy that webcam, I was struck with how noisy it was over at the noise box. Holy crap that place is loud.

When I'm starting to feel down at work, or am having a bad day, I remind myself how much better my current job is than that job was.

Even so--the building is noisy. You can't have three hundred-odd people all talking simultaneously in a large, non-partitioned space and have it be quiet; but at its noisiest it's still at least ten, twenty decibels quieter than the noise box was even on its quietest day.

I enjoy getting outside at my lunch break and sitting in the Jeep and listening to it being quiet. But the center is on a busy road and there are trucks thundering by, so--again--"quiet" is relative. I don't know what I'm going to do this winter.

But today is a cool, quiet autumn day, and I'm enjoying it. It's an important part of de-stressing for me to have some quiet time.

* * *

Four days into a one-week course of antibiotics, my bladder feels normal again, and generally speaking I feel a lot better than I did a week ago. I am still getting over an infection, though, and that's another reason to take it easy, at least a little.

I woke up early this morning, before the alarm went off for Mrs. Fungus, and ended up watching My Science Project on YouTube. That's another movie I haven't watched for about a thousand years. Watching obscure movies via the Internet--this 21st century is sure amazing.

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