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#4937: Don't worry, he'll get better.

Gotham is really good, of course, and they found a guy who could be as good at being the Joker as Heath Ledger was. This guy has the right smile and does the laugh perfectly.

He got stabbed in the neck.

Mrs. Fungus: No, he can't die! He's too good! [At being the Joker.]
Me: Don't worry; he'll get better.
Mrs. Fungus: AHH HA HA HA HA HA HA

Apparently there was some foo-raw about it on the Internet. People were upset that he got killed off, but other people were responding that he couldn't be the Joker anyway because the Joker's given name was Jack, not Jerome.

My own take on this--summed up pithily by saying, "Don't worry; he'll get better"--is that Gotham is set in a comic book universe and we have already seen some crazy-ass crap happen that is, shall we say, a bit beyond the bounds of perfect realism. I expect something to happen which will be within the bounds of comic book realism that will also bring Jerome back as Jack, with green hair and albino-white skin and a predilection for purple three-piece suits.

The producers of the show have spent time carefully constructing the story; they started building Jerome's character early in the first season and they did not do all that work and have him act like the perfect Joker (minus the monicker) only to kill him off in the third ep of the second season.

Don't worry. He'll get better, if "better" is the way to put it. This show is too well written to do otherwise.

* * *

How would so-called "moderate" muslims answer these questions? As Francis Porretto points out, "The Qur’an explicitly says that Muslims have no duties toward non-Muslims, and that non-Muslims have no rights a Muslim is required to respect."

Fact is, you can't trust what they say, because islam does not promote honesty or honor in dealings with those outside of it. Anything calling itself a relgion that says it's perfectly fine to kill, steal from, and lie to people outside of it is not worthy of respect.

* * *

Yesterday I watched three movies from the 1980s.

In the morning, My Science Project. In the afternoon, then, I watched Combat Academy (formerly Combat High) and Pretty Smart. The latter is a terrible movie, one I hadn't seen since the 1980s, and one that I expect I can safely eschew for the rest of my life. The former is a pretty good, though typical, "fish out of water" movie.

I've been trying to find, on YouTube, a 1980s movie called Sky High (not to be confused with the 2005 Disney movie of the same name). This movie is about a trio of college guys who go on a trip to Medeterranian Europe (Greece etc) and run afoul of bad guys. The MacGuffin in this case is an audio cassette. The cassette contains a modulated audio signal which is hallucinogenic. There are two of them, in fact, with different signals, and if one hears both signals at the same time, well... "Cause of death: he died." This is why the bad guys want the tape these college dudes end up with. It was, as I recall, a pretty good movie...but then again the last time I saw this movie I might have been as old as 20, and might not.

In my favor: when I decided to watch Pretty Smart, same vintage, I recalled that it was not a very good movie. Both movies were filmed in, and set, in the same locations. Seems to be a few low-budget movies made in the late '80s in Crete, Cyprus, and Greece. I wonder why that is.

Anyway, I could find a version of it that was dubbed in French, but only the trailer for it in English. It's not exactly going to ruin my life if I can't see it.

* * *

Nice day today, probably one of the last ones this year where I'll be able to have the house open. It's quiet and pleasant. My neighbor to the northwest has his kids playing outside, and there's a radio going, but I can barely hear it unless I stop doing anything and listen, which is 100% copacetic.

There are not--I should say I have not seen--a lot of kids that age in this neighborhood. It's actually been that way for quite a while, even going back to when I was a kid, especially when across the street from the bunker was just an empty field. Until houses started going in that field, the bunker was one in a row of four which was the only house with kids in it.

So I know how those kids must feel, living in a neighborhood where there aren't any other kids around. It's not bad but it can be boring.

...though these kids have, I presume, access to video games and the Internet and cable TV to make up for it. But I was able to wander wherever my legs would take me, without my parents having to worry about government busybodies swooping down on us all and ruining our lives.

I was born free. These kids, not so much.

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