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#4941: ARITHMETIC!!!

Here's the thing: if your cell service costs $400 a month, and you pay $250 (or even $330) in that month, you ought to be able to understand that your bill will go up rather than down. If you are carrying a past-due balance and pay only a fraction of the new charges on your bill, you--as an adult--are expected to have enough of a grasp of basic mathematics to understand that $600 minus $250 is not $43.

Why is your bill $800 this month? Because you haven't paid it, that's why.


Equally stupid is the guy who was upset at paying $40 for a $600 phone. He goes to Target and gets an iPhone 6, and trades in an older phone to get a rebate, etc, etc. He ends up paying nothing for the phone out of pocket, but balks at a $40 upgrade fee.

"Target said if I called you guys, you'd give me a credit." Target is wrong (if not out-and-out lying, but I'm not allowed to say that) and you are not getting a credit for $40 when that is the sum total you're going to pay for a phone which was the latest and greatest just a year ago. Everybody pays that upgrade fee regardless of circumstance. You paid it the last time you changed phones, even if you don't remember it. That's the price you pay for getting a massive discount on your new phone.

Me, if I could get a brand new iPhone 6 for $40 out of pocket, I'd jump at it, even though I don't really want or need one.

People are idiots.

* * *

So, today marks the end of an era. This afternoon a gentleman came by and had a look at the Fiero, and decided to buy it.

He's an older gentleman; if I am reading him correctly, he's someone who will drive the car on Sundays and keep it stock, and tend it well. I could not want a better buyer.

...of course he might mod the shit out of it and drive it in SCCA races. If he does, well, it's his car. (Tomorrow, anyway.)

I'm sad to see the girl go, but let's face it: I haven't driven the car in four years. I let it sit rather than fix it, even though it only took a few hours' effort across a couple of days to get it usable again. It's clearly time for me to let go and let someone else enjoy it.

And so I shall...and feel no poorer for it, though I will miss it.

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