atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4942: Well, it's done.

The Fiero now has a new owner. I'm happy.

He's an older gentleman, retired, who wanted a car he could take to cruise nights. So the Fiero is going to someone who will fix up her minor deficits and show her exactly as she is. I could not have hoped for a better buyer. And he lives in the Fungal Vale, so all I'll have to do is go to a cruise night here in town once in a while.

I am, as I said, happy. I did not expect to be this elated; I expected to be sad, or at least melancholy. I'm not, and that's fantastic. This is the day that the Lord has made!

* * *

Vox Day corrects a churchian person's misapprehension regarding illegal immigrants.

"The term 'illegal immigrant' is a misleading and dishonest term, which violates the 9th commandment," the churchian says. Vox says that "illegal immigrant" is neither misleading nor dishonest, but wholly accurate.

I disagree. The correct term for these people is illegal alien, because by definition they are not actually immigrants.

Vox is right about the rest of them, though. He concludes, "Churchians are liars and deceivers. They worship the god of Babel, not the Christian God. They serve the world, not Jesus Christ." And he's decidedly right about that, too.

* * *

Maine is moving towards constitutional carry. Expect violent crime to drop there. If the economy there wasn't so shitty I think I'd move ASAP.

* * *

When it comes to climatology, even NASA isn't doing science. If your organization suppresses results which disagree with a politically correct assertion, it's propaganda, not science.

* * *

There are no badasses like Chuck Yeager any more. Chuck Yeager went up in a rocket plane and broke the sound barrier with broken ribs. There just aren't men like him any more.

* * *

Potential alien megastructure a mere 1400 light years away. Let's go see!

...well, any ship we sent there would have to get up to a significant fraction of lightspeed in order for the crew to live long enough to arrive there. If the ship goes fast enough, time aboard will slow enough that the crew will be able to live through the trip, even while 1400 years pass on Earth. Of course, it would be 2,800 years before the ship returned to Earth....

There's this huge universe out there just waiting for us to discover FTL travel. We really need hyperdrive, or something, fast. Regardless of what's actually taking place around that star, it sure would be interesting if we could go look.

* * *

So with the Fiero gone, I now have a 2-car garage that only has a couple of motorcycles in it, and some other stuff. You can bet that I'm going to turn my attention to reducing the pile of junk to the bare minimum, now that I have room to work.

This is gonna be so awesome.

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