atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4943: Dangit, that's busy

There would have been a blog post yesterday but I was too busy. Work, of course, from 7-3; then when I got home it was to Mrs. Fungus (who'd swapped a shift to have Friday off) and preparations for going to jail!

...Statesville Prison.

First time going to a haunted house since before I had pubes, and it was a lot of fun, but it kept us out late and we didn't get home until it was almost bedtime.

We considered it our Sweetest Day date. It's a tradition now; we're going next year.

* * *

First day on the production floor today, and I lived through it. I left ten minutes early today, in case there were traffic problems I couldn't anticipate (never having gone there in the afternoon before).

Ended up spending twenty-five minutes going one mile. By the time I got out of that one I was livid and ready to strangle things. Drove to work with the speedo hovering between 75 and 80 and just barely managed to get logged into the phone system and ready to take a call by 1:30.

Saturday and Sunday are double points days; up to 15 minutes late you get a quarter point ordinarily, but on Sat and Sun, it's half a point. No thank you.

I narrowly avoided that. Even more fun, my schedule for the day was not populated, so I just used Sunday's schedule as a guide and dealt with it. Calls were calls, and the day went by. Logged out at 10 on the dot and headed home, and had a lot less trouble with traffic coming home.

Now, some pizza, a little WoW, and then bed. I'm really tired.

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