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#493: Scammer and Spammer

In order to facilitate change in my status as a non-dating, non-attached Christian man, I have put--three times now--a profile up on a Christian singles' web site. While I can't say my results have been stunning, they certainly have been better that they otherwise would have been. My ex-fiancee, for example, I met via this service. (The failure of that relationship is not their fault.)

Anyway, the one issue that arises here is that their e-mails get shunted into my spam box; and since I've gotten into the habit of clearing it out once per day, I just move the messages into the inbox before deleting all the loan, erectile dysfunction, and fake "e-card" messages.

This morning, I had this in my inbox. I've edited it a bit, but this is pretty much how it looked when I saw it in Windows Mail:

"27 years old?" I wondered, pointing my browser at SCN. "And looking like that? Why is she interested in someone 13 years older than she is? Particularly when it's me?"

When I got to SCN and logged in, lo and behold--no new messages in my inbox there.

"Well, what the heck?" I wondered.

...yesterday was not a good day for me. After working myself almost to exhaustion, forcing my still-sick self to stick out a full shift at the store, I came home and got about an hour's sleep before I had to get up again and drive Mom to the doctor's office. Then I got home from that, went to bed again, and had to get up again to go to a different doctor's office in order to talk to my doctor, who had wanted to see me after I asked for more Levaquin.

That visit was an utter waste of time; and once it was done I got some Chinese food, went home, had dinner, and went back to bed. And woke up a few hours later; rinse, repeat.

Thus here I sit, now, after having gotten about four hours of sleep, having woken up because of a persistent cough which had largely gone away by Sunday, but which is coming back now because the stupid doctor wouldn't give me more freaking Levaquin. (He did give me a prescription for an utterly useless medication for some chest wall pain I've been having; said prescription up becoming a bookmark. Ibuprofen costs $1.00 for a bottle of fifty tablets and it works fine.)

And so, it took me a few minutes. "Well, what the heck?" I wondered. "Where is the e-mail from this improbable woman?"

My brain tardily integrated the information and I realized, "Ah, she's a scam artist. She's probably Russian."

One of SCN's major problems stems from Russian women who--wanting money and green cards--spam the mailboxes of the guys in hopes someone will be gullible enough to reply. I had a situation like that in 2004, when it looked as if a 20-something model from Russia had fallen madly in love with me based entirely on a single grainy picture, less than 200 words about myself, and a handful of e-mails. She never answered my questions and every new e-mail escalated the "love" talk. All the pictures were professional hot-damn sexy model pictures (no nudity, worse luck) and she never responded to my requests for natural poses with anyone else in them: family members, friends, etc, etc.

It rapidly became apparent that it was a scam, of course, and I terminated the correspondence. A few weeks after that, her user account disappeared.

I make it a policy to reply to every woman who sends me mail via this service. The next time I used SCN, I got an e-mail from a likely source...who then disappeared after I replied to her; her profile was summarily deleted and her e-mail had disappeared from my inbox. (Her profile said she was from somewhere in the US, but her first e-mail said she was from Russia. Oh well.)

That's what leads me to conclude that Ms. "DMSTILLSEARCH" from Coon Rapids, MN, was a scammer and a spammer; and I'd bet "she" was actually more like something approximating "Pyotr Demikovsky from Minsk".

SCN does an honest job of policing their user lists, which I approve of, and which is one reason I like using their service. So if you're a lonely Christian I highly recommend them.

I ought to dig out the composite I did of Tanya and post it here...might boost my viewership. In fact, that's such a good idea....

This is all the images Tanya ever sent to me. Pity she wasn't real.

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