atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4944: I do enjoy a quiet drive home.

It was marred only by the need to stop at the store for cat litter and a dinner-like substance.

...left work, didn't have any idiots to contend with, and was able to drive home spending most of my time in the right lane with the cruise holding my speed at 69 MPH. When someone in front of me was going slower, I was able to pass him without having to do anything fancier than signal and move over.

Very nice. Rare. Probably less rare as long as I'm getting off work as late as I am now. But I'll take it.

* * *

So, everyone in the media is shocked, shocked! that OMG the world might actually be cooling.

OMFG we might be headed for a "fifty year long ice age"! First off, ice ages don't last a mere 50 years. Fifty thousand years, maybe, if you're lucky. Fifty years is a cold snap.

Another Maunder minimum would be bad, economically speaking. Hope that's not happening. Hope instead that the econazis are actually right about the warming effects of CO2, because that's probably the only thing standing between us and decades of long, bitter winters if the sun's really going into an extended minimum.

Sadly, it's not the way to bet. Climatologists overestimate the effect CO2 has on warming, and underestimate the effect the change in solar insolation has on global temperature, and further desperately want to ignore the Svensmark hypothesis altogether.

But when it comes to climate heretics are burned at the stake. Failure to toe the warmista line is met with instant destruction.

...because it's propaganda, not science.

* * *

The US federal government is a bloated, useless, inefficient sack of crap. Fred Reed explains why, as eloquent as ever.

* * *

Things are not looking good for McDonald's. McDonald's problem is not that the food is bad--it isn't--but that their business model can only function for so long before it peters out. McDonald's is run on a scientific paradigm, where everything is a metric to be either maximized or minimized.

It's a truism that the last 10% of any improvement is the most difficult to attain, and the closer you get to 100% the steeper the hill becomes. McDonald's is well into that phase, and the market is simply not allowing any wiggle room for them any longer. Labor costs are being forced higher (by a left wing that doesn't want to be blamed for the collapse of the middle class) and there's simply no room for price increases; ordinarily a business can strive to improve efficiency, but when you've already done that, getting better is increasingly difficult. There's only so much juice you can get from a lemon.

The first result will be computerized kiosks for purchasing food. Eventually, if McDonald's lasts that long, their restaurants will be almost entirely automated, with one or two employees on duty to keep the machines running and to handle any unusual circumstances.

Serving breakfast at 3PM ain't gonna do it. (In fact, that only adds inefficiency back to the whole process, at a time when it cannot afford it.)

* * *

Holy smokes, look at that! I can stay up until 1 AM on Sunday night without suffering horrible consequences.

...but I'm going to bed pretty soon. I'm pretty tired.

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