atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4947: Wait, 24%? Really?

Since when is health care 24% of the US economy? It was around 20% the last time I checked. Of course since Obamacare became law--the half-assed socialization of medicine--I should have expected that.

The problem with our medical system is too complex for me to discuss here, on a gorgeous indian summer day.

* * *

Consumer Reports does an about-face about the Tesla.
A little over a month later, the Elon Musk marketing check appears to have bounced, because not only did Consumer Reports yank, literally, its glowing September review, leading to the following 404-ed page...


... but has come out with the following unabashed hit job on the car.
I have never thought of Consumer Reports as truly unbiased, and apparently I am not the only person who has come to that conclusion. Their hit piece on the Suzuki Samurai--which was fatal to that model, and which also did serious damage to the make in this country--was almost entirely based on faulty testing methodology.

And this, too, is too complicated for me to discuss on a gorgeous indian summer day. But the fact that Consumer Reports gave the Tesla a 100 rating without even testing it is a telling fact.

* * *

And Lord, is it a gorgeous day. It's in the seventies, it's sunny, it's pleasant--the only thing marring it is the high winds; when I went out to the store their flags were standing straight out from the poles. A day like this is great, temperature-wise, for riding a motorcycle, but riding in that kind of wind is no fun at all so the bike remains garaged. *sigh*

I hit the store for some supplies, including the ingredients for chili-cheese fries; I got out of there for $41.98--two cents short of $42, dang it--and only after I was home and unloading the truck did I realize that I'd forgotten to get the fries themselves.


Well, we're having hot dogs tonight, anyway, and I get get the curly fries tomorrow. Good enough for me.

And now, it's time to relax and enjoy my days off.

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