atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4956: Sinister Squashling

So, yesterday, Mrs. Fungus and I went to a pumpkin farm to get a pumpkin. We watched a pig race; we petted animals and fed them carrots; we had an entire hayride to ourselves thanks to the abysmally shitty weather. To be fair it only poured rain during the pig race; otherwise it merely drizzled from time to time.

But we got a very nice pumpkin; and tonight we carved it. She wanted me to make it look as much like the Sinister Squashling pet from WoW as possible, and I delivered:

And of course it's a fully functional jack-o-lantern:

* * *

Today I learned that I will, in fact, have Thanksgiving day off from work, so of course my wife and I will be going to her mother's place for dinner that day. Excellent! That's one T-day dinner I don't have to cook; I'll make a vat of apple crisp and all should be well.

* * *

I like Ted Cruz's tax plan. Unfortunately, it is politically impossible. There are far too many entrenched interests who profit off the unwieldy and insanely complex tax code we have.

* * *

Spaghetti for dinner tonight; and now I have less than an hour before bedtime. *sigh*

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