atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4960: Public high schools are horrible

I find it remarkable that anyone would want to be a teacher working in a public school system. Of course, you have job security (because union) and you aren't judged by the quality of your output, nor do you actually have to have any mastery of what you've been hired to teach about. And you work nine, ten months a year.

Of course, that's merely compensation for the fact that most of them work in festering shitholes.

The animals in this video know the teacher has no power to stop their rampage. Further they know that if she does anything they don't like, she will be the one to get in trouble; no matter what they do, short of physically assaulting her, they know they can do whatever they want and she is powerless to stop them.

Compulsory education is a failure. Clearly those kids do not wish to be educated; why are we forcing them to be there? Why are we forcing teachers to deal with them? Let the animals drop out of school for a few years and try to make it without knowing how to do anything other than act like complete assholes. If this happens to enough of them, perhaps the next generation will be less stupid.

* * *

The science is settled! ...which is why any contrary opinion must be silenced without mercy. Reality cannot withstand a contrary opinion, after all.

I read, today, an excellent quote. Victor Margurite said, "The fascists cannot argue, so they kill."

...even if the violence is rhetorical and economic, the statement applies here. "You said global warming isn't real! You're fired, you fuckin' asshole!"

* * *

This is pretty cool. I had to look at the image for a little while to figure out how it works, but then I realized that the "revolver" part is essentially a chain of blocks.

* * *

" syphilitic rectum enthusiast!" That's my new favorite insult.

* * *

Well! Now I must go and attempt to fix the Jeep. Such a stimulating life I lead.

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