atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4965: Read your damned bill, moron

Because that way you won't be calling me nine minutes before I'm scheduled to leave, complaining that you haven't gotten your employee discount for more than a fucking year.

It's no one's responsibility but yours. If you're eligible for a discount and you don't notice that you're not getting it for fourteen months you ought to own up to the fact and accept the responsibility, instead of whining, "No one told me that my discount ended!"

Too damned bad.

Holy shit are people idiots.

So because of this person, I got out of work half an hour late...again.

* * *

Last night, after putting Mrs. Fungus to bed, I worked on the blog post and listened to some music on the old CD player. First it was Kansas' "Monolith"; then it was "Audio Visions", two albums I haven't listened to for literal years.

"No One Together" made me realize where I got my appreciation for music with "texture", music that has a bunch of independent things happening at the same time yet which all fit together. Bach is the most famous composer for doing this sort of thing, but you can hear his influence in more modern forms of music even when the style is completely different.

Some of Kerry Livgren's longer pieces (like "No One Together" and "Song for America") do this. Some of my friends didn't like Kansas "because it takes too long for their songs to start" but the (retroactive?) classification of Kansas as progressive rock makes perfect sense to me. The Alan Parsons Project was one of the pioneering progressive rock bands, and I've loved that stuff approximately forever.

"Simple" rarely does it for me. It's why I will never understand the attraction of rap "music"; to me, it's not music but syncopated poetry, and not particularly good poetry at that.

Anyway--it's been long enough since I last listened to "No One Together" that it was almost as if I were hearing it for the first time...and after the album was done I started that track over and listened to it up to the point that the vocals start. It's amazing.

* * *

Anyway, I want to be in bed before 3 AM today, so off I go.

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