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#4968: This Internet thing is so useful

Being able to browse the parts store ads before going off to buy oil, without having to save any paper--it's so convenient.

* * *

The disdain dripping off this article is a marvel to behold. I have carefully not thought about the way the Yalies are acting of late, because I'm a middle-aged man and need to be careful about my blood pressure--and I get enough stress from the idiots I must deal with on a daily basis--but this article carefully wraps the entire issue in a thick insulating layer of contempt, which these overprivileged brats deserve in full measure.

* * *

Mrs. Fungus just mentioned this story to me.

This is the article she was reading from.
Khelia Cox, 38, is walking off her job as a $10-an-hour baggage handler at Boston's Logan Airport to join a march this afternoon from Faneuil Hall to Massachusetts State House.

"It's not just the financial piece [sic], it's also about the dignity," says Cox, who has seven children.
"Dignity"? Ms. Cox, are you married to the father of those seven children? (Are you married to the father of any of them?) Have you never heard of contraceptives? ("Use a rubber," for example, or "take the Pill"?) Somehow I doubt it. People who are trying to support a family of eight on $10 an hour generally are not doing so because they have magic reproductive systems which stymie all attempts at preventing conception. (A woman is fertile 24 hours a month.) Generally, citizens of the United States who are awash with children are there because they want to be, not because they're hyperfertile.

I can buy one kid, maybe two, taking place accidentally. The first two. After that, she ought to know what causes that and be capable of taking steps to avoid further pregnancies--and assuming that she is a competent adult, then, we must conclude that she wanted to have all those kids.

And we all know for a fact that this woman is not raising seven kids on $20,200 per year. She's getting all sorts of government assistance; if you look at the benefits and handouts available to a single mother, you find that as long as she plays her cards right she takes in close to $50,000 per year (and I may be misremembering, as it could easily be $60,000). That is, by the way, without "renting" a room in her home to a live-in boyfriend.

Hey, Ms. Cox, your gravy train ends if you make too much money, you know. $15 an hour is $30,300 per year, and if you get any overtime you'll end up losing your benefits...and then what will you do?

And what's prompting all this? Why, the SEIU, of course, the Service Employees International Union!

What a fuckin' surprise that is.

And further, to go back to the first link:
Dear fast food workers of the US - presenting you nemesis: the Momentum Machines burger maker.

According to a recent BofA reported on how robotics will reshape the world, San Francisco start up Momentum Machines are out to fully automate the production of burgers with the aim of replacing a human fast food worker. The machine can shape burgers from ground meat, grill them to order with the specified amount of char, toast buns, add tomatoes, onions, pickles, and finally place it on a conveyor belt.

The robot is shown below. It occupies 24 square feet, and is much smaller and efficient than most assembly-line fast-food operations. It provides "gourmet cooking methods never before used in a fast food restaurant" and will deposit the completed burger into a bag. It does all of this without a trace of attitude.
...and for a damned sight less than $15 an hour, too, even amortizing the cost of the machines.

Someday, when you go into a McDonald's, you will place your order on a touchscreen and pay there; your food will come out of the wall, and the only people inside the dining area will be other customers, though the restaurant will employ a handful of people to tend the machines and clean the restaurant. Those people will make $15 an hour. The people who were formerly employed at flipping the burgers and taking the orders?

"Promoted to customer," as they say.

* * *

The price of free trade is the same as the price of "financial piece": unemployment. Free trade doesn't work; it needs to be ended.

* * *

Older people are more miserable because Obamanomics has placed the enitre financial burden squarely on their shoulders. People over 30 are footing the bill for everything Obama has done, one way or another: their health insurance has skyrocketed, their energy costs are stratospheric, taxes and fees are enormous, unemployment is depressionary, and wages are stagnant.

...and they're working too hard to make ends meet, so hard that they don't have the time or energy to booze up and riot.

* * *

Speaking of which, I have chores that need doing, and only a few hours of daylight left in which to accomplish them. I'd better get cracking.

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