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#4980: $1.999

On my way home from work I stopped at the gas station, as planned yesterday, to tank up before the weekend. I was intending to put in about $10, which should get me through Monday evening. I neared the gas station I saw that the numbers behind the leading digit looked like nines, and I worried that the price of gas had "necessarily skyrocketed". I am very nearsighted, and when my vision is at its best I can't see faraway things very clearly, even when I have new glasses. (I do not have new glasses.)

But then I saw that no, the price of gas had in fact declined some six cents per gallon overnight, and now it was the stunning price of $1.999 per gallon. Two dollar a gallon gasoline--I had never thought to see it again.

I took a picture of the sign and the gas pump. Holy crap.

I'd love to send that picture back to, oh, 2010 or so, with the caption: "Scenes from 'peak oil', 2015."

* * *

I really don't care if they're waffle fries or curly fries. Drench 'em with chili and dump a load of cheese on them--just the thing for a snowy winter night! The part of the whole dish that's worst for you is the potatoes.

And it's snowing, all right. I was able to drive home at 65 indicated because the roads were merely wet, but it's supposed to snow all night and right now they're saying "5-7 inches". We'll see what we get since we had a long period above freezing after that cold snap in October, but the snowblower is accessable.

...and on my way out to the truck after work, I slipped and fell in the parking lot. I was walking along normally, when my right foot suddenly had no traction whatsoever and it went whip out from under me, spinning me to my left; I landed on my left side, less than gently but not too hard. Somehow I found the one square foot of parking lot which had either ice or something else slippery on it, and down I went. *sigh*

Came home, immediately had a near-scalding bath with epsom salts, and took three ibu before dinner. I know I got banged up a little; I'm hoping these measures will keep me from stiffening up overnight.

Meanwhile, chili cheese fries--the dish I once whipped together out of materials on hand because my wife had a craving, now has become a dinner treat when we need something relatively effortless for dinner.

And now I want to do other things.

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