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It's just computer pseudolanguage. Sorry if it doesn't conform to your favorite programming language.

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Sadly, we had places to go, so we went. The snow hit Thursday night (when I slipped and fell in the parking lot) and continued on until Friday afternoon. On Friday I left approximately on time and drove about 2/3 of the way to work at "five over the limit", but once I got to 355 the quality of the snow removal declined abruptly and I was forced to slow down. The trip up 355 was at around 50 MPH, and I had to slow way down for the ramp from 355 to 55 because it was mostly snow covered. I fishtailed a bit at the bottom.

Didn't need 4WD at all, though, and got to work a mere five minutes later than my preferred arrival time.

The temps declined steeply as I toiled, though, and when I left it was bitter cold and the slush in the parking lot had frozen solid. It did warm up in the Jeep on the way home, so I don't think I'll have to muck around with the cooling system this year (score one for me).

Got up this morning and it was 8--they asked me to come in at 8 AM again, so I did--and the Jeep took longer to warm up than the night before, but it did warm up. Drive in was better but there were still some icy patches. The drive home was on clear roads, no problem.

We got the five to seven inches that were promised, but the first couple of inches melted as soon as they hit the ground, and the next few were wet, so it didn't really pile up. I didn't bother running the snowblower; the driveway is usable and all this is going to be gone before next Saturday.

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The only way to make money from Facebook. Sage advice.

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Dinner tonight is chili, the perfect food for a cold winter night.

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