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#4983: Why is it so hard to find a good BASIC interpreter?

Tried two. First was from Microsoft; it's a 5 MB download (this, for something which originally fit into 16k, which should have been my first clue that it was no damned good) and turned out not to be BASIC at all but some kind of horseshit.

Second one was a small interpreter which couldn't handle more than one command per line, nor did it parse close quotes correctly, so a simple thing like "10 print"hello ";:goto10 produced this output:
hello ";:goto10

Meanwhile, I've rendered "Little Drummer Boy" in BASIC for your entertainment:
10 PRINT "Blahhhh, blah blah blah blah"
20 PRINT "Pa rum pum pum pum."
30 GOTO 10

* * *

The answer to the post title is, of course, that no one uses BASIC any more. Hardly anyone. I could get a decent one by dragging out my C-64, hooking it up, and going to town, of course. In fact that may be the best way to do this; just haul out the C-64 emulator which I already installed on this system so I could amuse my wife with Software Automatic Mouth.

Today the temperature has gone above freezing, and it's supposed to stay above freezing now for the rest of the week. We'll see how we do, of course, but then it's supposed to snow again on Saturday.

I don't really care.

* * *

Last week I tore into the Rio MP3 player I got lo these many years ago, and tried to figure out what was wrong with it. As far as I could tell it was the spindle motor not turning correctly; I removed it and checked it out, but it seemed okay, so I put it back in, and then the thing started working. Maybe it was just a case of corrosion on the connecter terminals, and taking it out and putting it back in was enough to get good contact again. Regardless, the old thing works again.

* * *

The new National Socialism is just around the corner. Here's the thing: nationalism is not dead; it was never dead. The Nazis were a bad example of it, but "birds of a feather flock together" and that aphorism didn't come into being solely to describe the behavior of avians.

Any islamic attempt to convert a western country to islam is going to be met with rather stiff resistance, and the more radical the attempts, the stiffer the resistance will be. The government (composed of aristocracy) may want to roll over and give the muslims everything they want, but the people won't stand for it...and it will be just as easy to hang politicians from lampposts alongside the imams and other troublemakers if such becomes necessary.

"If the deportations do not begin soon," Vox Day says in his conclusion, "the death camps will become inevitable. That's how it works."

Francis Porretto provides the Cliffs' Notes.

* * *

Okay, lighter subject: Stephen Colbert is tanking as David Letterman's replacement.

Here's the thing: Colbert is not funny. As I've said before, his success is based on two things: first, that he played a character which was the lefty caricature of a right-winger; second, he did it in the time slot immediately following a show which was a favorite of lefties.

That's all Stephen Colbert had going for him. And now that Stephen Colbert has to be himself (and not the faux conservative caricature he played) people are discovering what I knew after watching his old show for five minutes: he's not funny and the show he hosts is nothing but an echo chamber for Democrat talking points.

* * *

I watched a bit of his old show when George Will was on. George Will made Colbert look like a teenager who styles himself a political sophisticate. And that's coming from someone who's not exactly enamored of George Will, I might add.

* * *

And the main sign that it's winter: sun going down around 4 PM. Whee!

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