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#4986: Well, that was very nice.

It's always nice to go see the in-laws. They're nice people and it's a very pleasant, low-pressure environment. They have a happy, friendly dog. We eat dinner, we talk, we watch things on TV. I love it.

And I didn't have to cook anything this year. Win.

* * *

I feel sorry for all the poor bastards that have to work retail tonight and tomorrow. In fact I think people should start boycotting stores that are open on Thanksgiving.

I think this because I am extremely confident that the people making the decisions to be open on Thanksgiving do not, themselves, actually work on Thanksgiving. They have the day off; and I'd wager that plenty of them also do not work on Black Friday, either.

Meanwhile they set "blackout" days so that the grunts down in the trenches can't take a sick day without risking punishment, because they know that if they let the grunts get away with calling off, no one will come to work on a holiday. Because making people work on a holiday is bullshit.

As for me, I'm glad to have today off, and I don't mind working tomorrow since I won't be in a store, but an office, at a desk, with my shoes off and my feet up. No idea what the schedule for Christmas is going to be like, yet, but the default position for my job is "expect to work that day", so that's what I do. It may be a reduced schedule; we'll have to see, but I don't expect to have much time to myself.

* * *

John C. Wright very nicely illustrates the differences between Christianity and islam. The most telling point:
While there are members of that movement who perhaps do not advocate immediate violence against nonbelievers, the historical record makes clear that at no time in the past have the nonviolent Mohammedans restrained the violent ones, or even attempted to do so.
In other words, "There's no such thing as a 'moderate muslim'."

* * *

Looking like less and less of a clean shoot, and it already looked pretty dirty. Sure, the guy was armed; he had a knife in his pocket, folded. And worse:
But, in this case, the deceased did not have an open blade and more importantly he was walking away. The cop who shot him took an entire six seconds after exiting his car and fired the first rounds from 15'. Then he kept shooting after the teen was hit and had fallen to the ground, emptying his weapon. Of the officers there including his partner, he was the only one to fire.
...emphasis removed.

So, sixteen bullets from one shooter. Fifteen feet--no wonder they all hit, he was at point-blank range--and six seconds isn't enough time to ascertain anything.

Walking away, no weapon in his hand--okay, the guy was amped on PCP, but he wasn't a threat that required immediate, lethal force to contain. There was more than one cop present; the shooter wasn't alone and under attack by a hostile, armed dope fiend. (The guy had a knife on him; there was no way the shooter could know that, one way or another.)

Yeah, not looking too good here, Chicago PD.

* * *

Last night I took El-Hazard apart and gutted the 1541 disk drive I was going to turn into a PC. I discovered, unfortunately, that while I could crowbar the motherboard, the hard drive, and the optical drive into that case, there would not be enough room left to fit the power supply, so I gave up on that idea.

Reassembled El-Hazard without trouble, except for the power switch and LED header. There's a pinout printed on the motherboard right next to the header but it's flipped 180° from the orientation of the header itself, so I had to work that out before I could get the system to start up. Also, digging into the BIOS I discovered (I think) how to keep the power light from flashing at about 2 Hz, as it's done since I got it in 2011.

I still want to build a PC out of something; it's just a matter of figuring out what. The 1541 disk drive is, however, not it.

* * *

Well, back to work tomorrow afternoon. Could be worse, right? I could have to be at work tonight, for crying out loud.

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