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#4992: Gas goes up $0.25 in one day

That wouldn't be surprising or remarkable if it weren't for the fact that OPEC is leaving the taps open and that news made oil futures drop under $40 a barrel.
Amid the biggest single-day drop in two months, WTI Crude has been hammred back below once again as a cooling realization washes across the energy complex that Saudi Arabia will make no changes at this week's OPEC meeting (delegate quoted as saying "OPEC unlikley to cut if non-OPEC is not cutting,") leaving a grossly over-supplied (and over-leveraged Shale drillers) world to flounder...[SIC]
Is it because three guys shot up a nonprofit in California, one of them has a muslim name, and people are thinking "terrorism" because what else?

In that latter link Vox Day asks, "Why would a group of three men target a nondescript non-profit?" Because soft target, that's why, a place where there are not likely to be armed guards or people with concealed carry permits (or, it must be added, illegally-carried guns).

Karl Denninger adds, "The multiple assailants, if true, likely precludes the nutjob potential, which makes it very likely this was a well-planned assault."

Anyway, I guess I should have tanked up yesterday; the difference in price ended up being about a gallon's worth, and that sucks. From here it looks like a "fuck you" price increase.

Plus side: 208 miles on 10.5 gallons, which is 19.8 MPG. Buying gas from Speedway (instead of Shell or GoLo) may be the difference; we'll see.

* * *

Obama is misspeaking and saying dumb things; by the standard applied to George W Bush that makes him ineligible for the presidency.

The most risible, latest gaffe, is telling the French while standing in Paris that mass shootings only occur in America. It's something that the American media is carefully not reporting, because it makes him look like the complete fool that he is, and no one wants to have to say, "Well, what happened in Paris is a terror attack, and what happens in America is just the result of private gun ownership," because the last thing the elite wants is for the average joe to twig to the fact that their primary aim in this arena is to take away gun rights.

He's obviously losing his mind, if you think about it.

...hey, I'm just looking at a situation which is arguably worse than things were in 2003, 2006, and 2007, and applying the very same standards applied to Bush. Obama is obviously unfit for the job, right?

* * *

Yesterday was noisy and busy; today is a lot less so on both counts. We had intermittent snow showers today, but nothing remained long enough to accumulate.

Monday evening when I got home I saw that one of the houses across the street had put up Christmas lights, and they were bright blue and strobing. So much so that when I turned onto the street I yelped, "Holy Mother of God!" at the sight. They did that all night, as far as I know; last night they were on again but this time they were flashing at a much more sedate pace.

I should have gotten a video of the strobe effect. Dang.

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