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#4995: Incidentally....

Considering that Mrs. Fungus drove her car off about an 18" drop and didn't comment to me about that aspect of her adventure yesterday, I've decided to dub it General Lee.

Looking out the window of the computer room it looks as if General Lee's passenger side is unscathed, and as I said last night my quick examination with a key fob light showed no damage.

* * *

Arse Technica sneers down its nose at a $10 Tracfone, apparently because they have nothing else to do with their time. Gee, a 3G smartphone retailing for $10 on sale isn't as good as an iPhone 6s! Holy crap, break out the snark!

No, it's not the same model I use. My phone is an LG 3G TracFone, but it's a different model, and I've noticed none of the issues they're talking about. Mine has a glass screen, a fair camera, and none of the other issues they mention sneer at; I like the plastic case (at least this phone can handle being dropped onto carpet without shattering) and it does everything I need it to. The most marvelous part of it all is that I paid $50 for the phone, rather than seven hundred and fifty frickin' bucks, which is what you'll pay (one way or another) for the latest-and-greatest.

This past week I caught myself thinking about moving to Verizon once my talk time is used up (I've already had to replenish messages once since moving to the smartphone, and I don't care about the data) and perhaps getting a phone like my wife's iPhone 5S. At the 2-year contract price, it's $0.99 for the 8 GB model, and it'd be nice to have a 4G phone.

Then I remembered: it would mean paying $40 a month for service. (Plus a $40 activation fee, since we'd be adding a line, but that's a one-time charge.)

As it stands right now, my TracFone is active until May; I haven't needed to buy any airtime since August--when Mrs. Fungus got her iPhone and I inherited her Android TracFone--and so far my total investment in service has been $10 for an additional 1,000 texts. That's four months of cell service at $2.50 per month.

After May, of course, I'll need to start buying airtime cards every three months again, but even then that runs about $7 a month. This compares rather favorably with $40 per month, you know?

* * *

Major GOP donor would rather see Hillary elected than Trump. That's nice, isn't it? The GOP elites want the rank-and-file to hold their noses and vote for Democrat Lite (McCain, Romney) "out of loyalty to the party", but when it's their turn to hold their noses and vote for someone selected by the people, well, they'd rather let the Democrats win.

Hillary Clinton would really be the lesser of two evils?

So, to combat the Trump Scourge, he takes out a full-page ad calling Trump a "narcisstic BULLYionaire". He's a billionaire and that's the best he can come up with? A lame play on words? Really?

If I were running for office and one of my supporters did something like this, I'd make a big show of returning his money to him and saying, publicly, that if the donor felt that way about the other candidates in the primary he was free to donate his money to whomever else he wanted. ("Even Hillary Clinton, if that's who he prefers.") Of course there are no politicians whatsoever who would have the stones to do this, but if Jeb Bush did it might change, slightly, my opinion of him. (Not enough to get me to vote for him, but a positive change nonetheless).

* * *

So, it seems that the Obama Party Line is that whenever an islamic terror attack occurs in America, the islamic terror angle is to be soft-pedaled and the message is to be "controlled".

Francis Porretto comments, briefly, and links a couple of posts about the FBI director making an announcement which was not first vetted by shadow President Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett.

Apparently President "What the fuck was that" Obama is unhappy that the lawmen want to tell people the truth rather than what is considered politically expedient by the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

And not to put too fine a point on it, but what happened in San Bernardino was an islamic terror attack.

* * *

Anyone who has experienced the YouTube phenomenon where the ad plays quickly and perfectly, and then the video refuses to play, understands the truth of this. That's because the ads pay the bills and the videos are just there to get people to look at the ads.

* * *

Saturday's wonky schedule begins. I've got to get moving.

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