atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5000: Holy crap, FIVE THOUSAND POSTS

So let's see what happened since #4000.

#4001 was before I started working again. That's October of 2013.

#4053: I get a 3G non-Android semi-smartphone.

#4063: the first time I flushed the Jeep's heater core.

#4071: Christmas Dinner, a Christmas vignette.

#4072: My wife bought me a train set.

#4078: Off-roading in the General Lee, when Mrs. Fungus and I were going to our first anniversary dinner.

#4087: -12° F in the Fungal Vale. Damned cold, indeed.

#4093: the post that touched off a shitstorm, all because of a typo in the title.

#4155: Gravity won an Oscar. I don't remember if Interstellar did.

#4207: Bringing home Mrs. Fungus' bike.

#4237: the last post from Cephiro. Followed shortly by the first post from Floristica.

#4276: Epic power failure, right after I got a bluray player. Of course.

#4317: we watch Zardoz.

#4363: found the "Safety Dance" literal video again.

#4392: At the end of this one, commentary about Gotham which was become appointment TV for Mrs. Fungus and me.

#4476: Go see Interstellar.

#4505: Return of Death Tonsillitis! I got sick, and was sick on Christmas because of it.

#4516: Mrs. Fungus got me a real honest-to-God telescope for Christmas.

#4566: Store is closed because of blizzard. It was already dead in there because of Super Bowl Sunday, anyway.

#4599: Chester Arthur owned 80 pairs of pants and changed them frequently.

#4635: Privately-owned reusable spacecraft. Win.

#4661: I put an SSD into Seiren, the laptop, and it's FAST.

#4687: the giant pork rind, just in time for Earth Day.

#4728: Welding table for my birthday! I've used it for shaping metal but not welding...yet.

#4781: Second use of the telescope and it was f-ing awesome.

#4837: Employed full-time, finally!

#4846: Escaped from Best Buy, finally!

#4915: First call as a call center rep but of course I had three weeks left in nesting before I hit the production floor. It already seems like forever ago.

#4959: Finally have health insurance again, no thanks to Obama and Democrats.

#4980: Gas below $2 a gallon and yesterday I saw it was $1.66 per gallon over in Indiana. Holy crap.

#4999 and we made it safely through another thousand posts.

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