atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5003: Eatachair Jenkins!

When I thought of it, I decided that I just had to make a WoW toon named Eatachair. Further bulletins as events warrant.

Speaking of which--some people like to use beta ("ß" if it comes out right) instead of "B" in their character names, because the version of the name (say, "Buckrodgers") is taken. So that example would look like "ßuckrodgers". Problem is, I took three years of German in high school, so that reads like "Ssuckrodgers" to me, because 'way back when monks were using the Roman alphabet to figure out how to write down the barbarian languages of Europe, someone decided that beta was the best way to represent the double-s sound in German. Seems to me sigma would have made more sense, but then again I am not a medieval monk.

So of course I, realizing that ß is beta, figured that someone with a peurile sense of humor who is otherwise smart with would make a toon named "Masterß".

* * *

Tomorrow is my Friday, thank all that's holy.

Today I did not, after all, make it to church; last night was a Xanax night and after Mrs. Fungus left for work I went right back to sleep until my cell phone alarm began chiming at 11.

Argh etc.

* * *

My wife came across a large earthworm as she was coming into the house tonight. It's rained all day, and this was apparently the biggest one she'd ever seen.

Of course there's nothing in the photograph to lend scale, but she reportedly thought it was, at first, a snake.

Anyway, she just sent me outside to make sure it was okay. *sigh*

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