atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5009: Found on a memory card while trying to find some Christmas music.

Amazon used to have an MP3 downloader tool which worked, but they improved it beyond use, so now the only way to download music from Amazon is...I'm not even sure. Their on-line help files are utterly useless. I've already paid for this music (and downloaded it once years ago) but I can't figure out how to redownload it onto Floristica.

So I dug out an SD card with the tracks I wanted, and lo and behold there was a video on it, so I decided to see what it was...and this was it:

This is my Tauren druid Changesforms, in a pickup group with Mrs. Fungus' toon Tokyomilk, dancing to Alan Parsons' "Chomolungma". Scary how well it fits together.

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