atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5011: Fifty-eleven!!!

That was Mom's favorite term to replace "any number": "I have fifty-eleven other things to do!"


Tonight I am baking--or I was going to be baking tonight, until we discovered that our home is bereft of chocolate chips. Both Mrs. Fungus and I were certain there was a bag of chocolate chips up in the cupboard with all the other baking stuff, but there's not. We both remember buying a bag of them, we both remember putting them up there, but now they are not there, and neither of us knows why.

Oh well. Tomorrow we're doing some shopping; we can get them then.

* * *

SpaceX stuck the landing yesterday, at last. This is a more spectacular feat than Blue Origin's landing, recently, because the Blue Origin rocket can only fly a ballistic trajectory rather than going to orbit, but Falcon 9 can hit the big O.

The key to cheap access to space is reusability, because refurbishing a rocket engine costs about 10% of building an entirely new one. This is a huge step forward.


* * *

Well, I managed to survive my "working today instead of Christmas" day. It was actually not a bad day; call volume was on the light side and I had some rest between calls. It was nice to be alone in the pod (cube) too, and I only had one call that required a supervisor's assistance, for something short and sweet. No problem.

Wednesday off, Thursday on, Friday off--and Mrs. Fungus has the same schedule, so it's all fine by me.

Everyone ready for Christmas? I still need to wrap things. And bake chocolate chip cookies. And do fifty-eleven other things. *sigh*

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