atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5019: Make them put their fat asses where their mouths are.

Terry McAuliffe, former head of DNC and staunchly anti-gun governor of Virginia is of course surrounded by armed bodyguards. At least one state senator in Virginia is thinking of amending the budget to take away his state-provided security detail.

Big name advocates of gun bans are always themselves protected by rough men armed with guns. That's because they are important, unlike you, prole. You don't need to be able to protect yourself; the police force is enough protection for you. After all there are millions of proles laying around, but only one Terry McAuliffe!

I think that if politicians are so afraid of guns that they want to ban them, it's only right to strip them of their protective details who are, after all, armed with guns.

...and just wait for the screaming to start.

* * *

That guy really stuck the landing. How do you balance a car on its nose?

...and I also notice that the other car in the picture is--or, at least, appears to be--a Geekmobile (official name of any Geek Squad vehicle).

Nothing like that here in the Fungal Vale, but bad enough; I went out last night to get some fried chicken, and when I got home I got stuck in the driveway--yes, with four wheel drive on, the Jeep would only inch forward. I did eventually manage to claw my way to the top of the driveway, but it was not a short or simple process.

Today things are better--it was above freezing for at least some of the day so the snow is mostly gone from the driveway, leaving only a thin skim--but not good, as the plow drift at the bottom of the drive is pretty bad, and I'm pretty certain I'm going to have to go shovel it out. It's way too heavy and solid for the blower, having fallen and partly melted and refroze a few times.

2015 is almost over.

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