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#5021: Oh boy have I got stuff to tinker with.

This morning I took a few hours out of my busy holiday schedule to help Og with a project he's been working on, though my contribution to the whole thing was mainly to look over some computers and help him decide which, if any, to salvage.

On my advice he salvaged one, which came with Win 7 on it and contained DDR3 RAM. The rest of the machines were XP-era--perhaps early 2007, slightly pre-Vista, as they had PCIe video and DDR2 RAM...but Pentium 4. Yeah. Or, rather, no. If I'd bothered to take a screwdriver with me I could probably have ganked a few hard drives, but nothing really appealed to me. The one machine we're salvaging will probably end up being a gaming rig, which is just fine. We left behind a half-dozen machines, including an old 386 (WTF, hoarder) and a small pile of routers and other semi-useless network hardware.

However, I did grab three LCD monitors (including a huge 27" Apple monitor) and some other miscellanious bits and pieces. Including a Mac Mini. Everything needs cleaning but if it works, I'm going to be having a grand old time tinkering with this stuff.

The other two monitors are an LG that's remarkably similar to the one I used to have, and an AOC monitor with a weird case. The latter seems to work--at least the LCD does--but it does have that weird case, so that'll be the one I disassemble and see what I can make from it. (I'm thinking a battery-powered portable monitor of some kind.)

There was some kind of NAS box--come to think of it I think it was an external RAID, as it had an eSATA port but no network port--stuffed with four 2 TB drives. That one's going to the person who abandoned the house and its contents, though, along with a POD full of other stuff salvaged from the place.

Nice house, though. It's a mess, but I do believe it could be made habitable and sanitary with some elbow grease, a dumpster, and a visit from Stanley Steemer.

* * *

As is typical for us, shortly after midnight last night, Mrs. Fungus and I exchanged anniversary gifts. We couldn't wait. Third year is leather, and she got me a leather watch strap...with a watch attached to it. The watch is a Fossil, with two complications--24-hour dial and a 30-minute stopwatch--and it's the nicest watch I have ever owned.

I got her exactly what she'd asked me to get her, which was an expensive designer key fob (leather, of course) but while it's much more than you'd expect a key fob to cost, it's nothing like what this watch must've cost. (And DO NOT TELL ME.)

My sweat is bad for watches, but this doesn't look like my typical $30 Timex, chrome-plated-pot-metal watch; it's all stainless steel. I've never had a watch which was made entirely of stainless steel before. I used to get contact dermatitis from corroding watches, and my most recent Timex (which has lasted longest of any watch I've owned) has pitting all over the place, and I can hardly set time and date on the thing because of the corrosion on the stem.

This thing has an 11-year warranty, for crying out loud. If it rusts, I send it back, and they replace it. Dang.

But it's not as watertight as my Timex, either; the Timex is good to 30 feet and this one you can't even go swimming with. (Which is to say, the manual says "not recommended".) The back screws on, rather than snaps.

I'm afraid to wear it anywhere. But dang, I love it.

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