atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5024: Beep! BEEEEEP!

One of the things I grabbed from the house Og was cleaning out was a radar detector of unknown providence. It was left on a shelf in the garage, hooked to one of those power port multipliers (which Og grabbed). I thought it would be interesting to take it apart or experiment with it, so I grabbed it.

Today I realized it was still in the truck, so I plugged it in while I was on my way to work. And it seemed to go off approximately at random, which would seem to indicate that it's not working all that well.

Tonight, I found out what it sounds like when there's a police car nearby. The slowing traffic alerted me to the cop's presence before the radar detector did, but once I was in front of that car BEEEEEEEEEEP! it went.

Maybe not a complete paperweight, in other words.

* * *

I am hearing tell that G.R.R. Martin has not yet finished The Winds of Winter, and I am hardly surprised. I still think he's hung up on the horns of a dilemma: which way to go, into nihilism (which will get him critical acclaim but sell few books) or have the good guys start to pull out a win (which will get him panned by all the critics and elites but sell a ton of books).

A happy ending would make the whole thing worth reading and more people would flock to it once they knew there was a point to all the shit that happens to good people in the stories. Everything falling to wrack and ruin, and the bad guys winning, would get all the critics raving about how great a writer he is.

Martin has already presided over one such trainwreck in his career--Wild Cards--and does not need another. I expect, however, that he will.

* * *

Another thing scavenged from the pile? Fireworks. Specifically, a 16-shot "half-kilo" cake and a bunch of mortars. ("Half-kilo" refers to how much burny stuff is in it, not the total weight. Half a kilo of pyrotechnic powders is a lot.)

I set off two mortars and the cake shortly after midnight, 1/1/16. The mortars were impressive enough, but the cake--it was sixteen shots, big ones, and it made for quite a display. The price sticker on the outside said "two for $99" and that's pretty rareified territory--$99 is usually about double my entire budget for Independence Day--and holy crap it was fun.

The rest of the mortars will have to wait until July to be used. Oh well.

Speaking of fireworks this is what happens when you put about 10,000 sparklers into a bucket and light them. They go up faster than you can say "synergy".

* * *

We've watched six episodes of Steins;Gate and it's really, really entertaining. Maybe we'll get to watch more soon.

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