atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5025: Sunday evening, at last.

Home from work, feeling pretty chipper compared with how I felt this afternoon on my way to work. I really don't know how to explain it, except that I'm pretty certain it was about 75% me just being a big vagina.

Work was work. There were a few dumb people today. The guy who doesn't understand that even if you pay a lot of money, when you owe more than the money you've paid, you have to pay the rest of it, too. You're not getting a $600 phone for free.

I especially love the people who don't read their contracts and then get pissy when--gosh!--#Major_Telecom expects them to abide by the contract they signed. "Hey, I agreed that I'd pay off 75% of this phone before upgrading again, but I want to upgrade at 50% because no one read the contract to me before I signed it!" Tough beans.

Also: if you give your not-paid-off phone to a third party retailer as part of a trade-in, don't be upset when #Major_Telecom bills you for the unpaid balance of the payment agreement.

I can't place all the blame on the stupidity of the customers, though. There are a lot of instances where salespeople (who are paid commission) promise them the Moon...and then of course customer service gets to explain why the Moon in question is actually the salesperson's exposed butt.

My favorite is the "free" tablet...that costs a $40 activation fee and $10 per month thereafter. Yeah.

Commissioned sales is why you get instances of the 86-year-old woman being sold a $800 smartphone when all she needs is a $60 basic phone. Never mind that her bill just went from $25 a month to $80....

* * *

It's not politically correct to point out that homosexuals have a much higher incidence of STDs, suicide, and depression. That's why that doctor got fired; if you have the gall to mention these facts you're called a bigot and ostracised.

* * *

Yeah, I'd totally be this way myself. Back in my days as an on-site tech I wrote batch files in DOS to automate all kinds of crap..

* * *

Now, limited WoW time before bed--time to make the most of it.

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